Thursday, January 06, 2011

I Need A Mom

I wrote this post last night,
but didn't want to press publish.
I kept thinking...
what are people going to think of me?

I didn't even have a good picture to go with it.
I think I have the, Post Christmas Yuckies.
As opposed to the, Pre Christmas Crazies.

I need to take down everything,
but I don't know where to put it.
My storage room looks like a hurricane hit.
And I just want to read a good book.
There I said it.

I don't want to do it.
Even though I know it will feel so good to have it all done.
Just thinking about it is overwhelming.

I'm not sure why, but
I seem to surround myself with Type A personalities.
I suppose it's the whole opposites attract thing.
I'm drawn to them.
It gets to me though.
I wonder... why I can't be that way?
Why can't I be organized?

I've let Flylady down too.
My sink wasn't shiny last night.
My bathroom is a mess,
Pretty much everything is a mess.

So instead of getting to it, I sat down at the computer in my funk and started looking at blogs.
When I looked at beautiful Photography blogs I kept thinking...
Who do I think I am that I might do this some day.

And then I would look at an amazing Decor blog like Edies...
and then look at my attempt at adding colour and think... I'll never get it right.
I'm not even going to start with eating and exercise.

Definitely a f.u.n.k. and that should be with a capital "F."

But then I clicked on Meg Deurksen's blog and read ...blah.
And I thought... really?  She feels this way too? Hey I'm not alone, we have toilet issues too.
If this lady can blog about taking a nap at 8:30 am and it made me feel better,
then I can surely publish my "I Need A Mom" post.
Maybe someone like me is reading this too, and they need to know,  they aren't the only.

So here it is...
~A type~ Got it all together ladies,  may move on.


So much for good intentions.
They flew out the window like a moth to the moon.

All I know is that I need a mom.
Oh don't worry I already have a mom, and she's a great one.
But she's already done her job.
She's retired.
Plus she has a new position in the Grandma department.
I think she likes it better.

I need a new mom.
One to live with me.
One to oversee my life.
I expect she would tell me to eat my veggies,
and that no, I could not have a second third, fourth, tenth cookie.

She would be the kind of mom, who made sure I did my chores too.
Now that I'm older I would like her to be strict, as long as she is fair.
She might even make me a meal or two as long as I washed the dishes, and swept up afterwards.

I think I would ask for meatballs.

I bet she would make sure I did my homework.
My camera manual would no longer be allowed to sit there collecting dust.
And she would (fingers crossed) clean the toilets for me.

Yup... I definitely need a mom.
Any takers?


So there you have it. Quite can't believe I included pictures...
But this is a messy life... and I guess I'm living it.

My Million Dollar Idea:

Mom's For Hire:  Hourly rates.
They will provide their own wooden spoons.

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  1. i. love. this. post. my house looks so much like this so much of the time. i would always rather read. i talked with two type-a's at while getting my hair cut today. listening to their rules about neatness, matching....i finally said, "what a burden you carry." i feel so free because i don't have that gnawing, agonizing desire to pick everything up. so, rejoice. you have freedom!

  2. I'm right there with you except my kids are grown (but still here) and most of my clutter is behind doors or belongs to my inlaws whom we bought our home with 4 years ago. Believe me, you don't want to see our garage...or kitchen cabinets...or laundry closet...or my closet...or...uh, yeah. =/

    But I'm trying to manage it again, and my motivation? My camera. I figure if I get things cleaned up, then I can get rid of the pink and lavender paint in the dining/living rooms (yes, really) and have better backdrops for photos.

    And...I'm giving myself permission to do what I can in a single area, no matter how long it takes. Then maintain. Perhaps it will stick this time.

    And...I've written a book. Maybe I shoulda just written my own blog post. ;D

  3. Thanks for keeping it real. We tend to show/write about all the pretty stuff - the stuff that happens on a GOOD day. I am guilty as charged. Maybe I will get up enough nerve to post a messy house picture...maybe. My house sure isn't perfect all the time. Hang in there girl. The funk will move on...eventually.

  4. Could I get one, too?


  5. You and me both. I also would like a personal chef & the ability to remember what it was like to start my night at 10 pm versus end it then. Can you tell I'm a bit funky today too :)

  6. Oh really have no idea how NOT alone you are!! I feel exactly the way you do and I no longer even have children living at home with me. Yesterday I watched my 2 year old grandson, and when he went home there were foam blocks from one end of the room to the other and I was tempted to leave them where they were because he is here again today and the room looks just like it AGAIN! :) Also my dishes are piled as high as the sky! My excuse for that is I took the tree down yesterday and had no intention of doing anything after the grandson and the tree...I napped on the recliner instead!!!! :)


  7. I read Meg's blog too - and I loved when she did this same kind of post "exposing" her dirty rooms and saying that she doesn't have it all together. it make me feel like so much less of a failure to see you ladies - who I admire - be REAL. I am too scared to post my messy house photos right now - too many people I know read my blog - LOL

  8. So there with you right now...even made my word for 2011 "CLEAN!" I'd rather do a zillion today I did. I have one hour until the kids are home, and my dad arrives for a few days. I just don't care about it anymore!

  9. Your house may be untidy, but it still looks nicely decorated. I need to decorate - mega, major, top to bottom decorate - and I need to do it NOW!

  10. I need to get in line for one too.

  11. I frankly have always wanted a sister-wife.

  12. I need a mom too. It would be so great to have someone else take the reins. For awhile.

  13. YAY!
    we are all just trying to make it through the day.
    some are great and AWESOME and some are really hard.
    and some are just BLAH.

    i am going on a cleaning binge in every room in the house while the kids are at school. i know this will help. i will feel so much lighter!

    i would settle for Alice the maid from brady bunch....instead of a mom.

  14. my rooms are never perfect ... and why would they be when they are lived in all of the time ... and yeah ... i need a mom ... just for a few days ... for the tough jobs ...

  15. Dana, I AM a mom, and my house frequently looks like yours. I think we find life way more interesting to deal with the mundane stuff every day. My sink gets cluttered, but when I finally tackle it and everything is put away, I fee like I have accomplished something wonderful--until the next time.

  16. Wouldn't that be nice, to have a Jiminy Cricket of sorts, only more huggable and smelling better?

    Yes, I like your idea very much.

    Remember, tomorrow is another day.

  17. Did you send someone to my house to take pictures? You would think having Hubs home with me, we would be able to get caught up. Nope. PLUS Christmas is still out. And I am outta luck. Glad to know someone else is imperfect like least for a few days.

  18. looks clean to me..


  19. oh my goodness, dana, i looooove this post!!! I said the same thing in a post yesterday, but not nearly as eloquently or humorously - and oh how I wish I had had the vision to post accompanying photos ... our houses look the same!! Instead, I chose to look backwards and post about the holidays, things I had skipped ... meanwhile, the house did not seem to clean itself up as I wrote - guess I need a mom, too!!! LOVED THIS - thank you!!

  20. Oh thank God! I'm not alone!!!! Wonderful post!

  21. Dana girl, Actually I don't think that your house looks bad at all. You can see the floor. Looks like a few drawers need pushed in and beds made, but you could do that in under an hour! I am having blog frustration without my camera~ugh! I am going to post about my word for the year: organize. Also I read this post this am that might help you:
    hugs, Cathy

  22. are you telling me this ISN'T considered "shabby chic"? ...need to go reevaluate my decorating motif. Love you, you big slob! Mwah!

  23. *sigh* I need a mom too.

    I mean, I love the one I have and all, but she pulled this whole, "You're an adult who is now responsible for herself" trip on me.

    I hate tough love.

    Clearly I shouldn't be YOUR mom though.

    That'd be like the inept leading the blind.

    The universe would probably explode.

  24. Sure I would need a mom but I already have mine. I would gladly settle for a good cleaning service every week...maybe in 2011 ;o)

  25. My house was looking like this all week too Dana. It's a case of post-Christmas lack of motivation, I think. I finally got down to business and did some cleaning today because I could not take it any longer! Happy Friday to you!

  26. Same sentiments here -only my saying is "I need a wife". Sounds funny but some days oh so true.Especially as we head back to routine. Nice to know there are so many other moms who feel the same :)
    Have a great weekend.

  27. Love this real life post! Real life is the BEST.

  28. Oh that gods, you're human.

  29. I meant thank gods. As you can tell I'm totally human (and have only had half a cup of coffee)

  30. Haha I love the idea of a Mom for Hire!

  31. I say something like this almost all the time...but I tell Mr. Jenny that I NEED A WIFE!

    I feel that same way sometimes, Dana. Everyone else seems to have it together all the time...while I'm floating through clutter and dust and laundry piled up.

    I appreciate you keeping it real, girl.

    I would much rather hang out with you!

    You're amazing and you spend the energy where it counts...

    Hugs and thanks for linking.


  32. I hear you! Wouldn't it be great. I think that's why it's nice in other cultures a lot of times their mom's do live with them! It's just too much sometimes. I appreciate your honesty.

  33. Thank You, you just made me feel normal. Sigh. My actual mom is very old (88) and I am caring for her, too, so we BOTH need a mom, now. Or a wife.


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