Sunday, January 30, 2011

Worth Every Penny!

We here at Bungalow'56 are hunter/gatherers.

Before heading out on our expedition to West Edmonton Mall we needed sustenance.

If we were going to cover the terrain in a few short afternoons?
We needed to have a plan.
A strategic plan of attack.
It was a shopping jungle of epic proportions.

We managed to document our every move with many sweet shot smiles,  as we navigated our way through the never ending trails.

Middlest is an expert in warrior facial intimidation.
She doesn't like to wait while her sisters try on their new armor.

And youngest managed to find "The New World."  
It was called GalaxyLand.

Eldest is an expert in uncovering great treasures.

In short...we were Urban Outfitters studying the Anthropologie of Urban Trade.
The Esprit of an Old Navy friend helped us forge The Gap without the help of an Aeropostale.
And even though we were Canadian we spotted an American Eagle over The Bay.

It was truly an exciting and diverse, clothing and housewares adventure.

And while we were very far away from home, we felt welcome in this new world.

Middlest was our leader as she managed to slash through the overpriced undergrowth.
While she was relentless, no machetes were used in the search of said sale items.
She did her mama proud.

And as a way to unwind...
since they have Stupendous Shopping Superpowers.

They took to the skies.

And when all was said and done, the smiles....

were worth every penny!


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  1. Looks like a fun, great day with your favorite girls!

  2. Ahhhh, you were so close! Looks like a fantastic time!

  3. looks like a great way to beat old man winter at his own game. . .head for the jungle for awhile! Love that swing picture!

  4. What cute girls you have! Looks like a ball.


  5. *Sigh* - not that I'm a real shopping gal, but NZ malls are pretty pathetic in comparison to what you guys have over there!

    Glad you had a successful expedition!

  6. Can I come to your adventure next time? :)

  7. Wow that looks like so much fun and something I can see my girls and I doing in just a few short years!
    Enjoy the day

  8. Oh Tim Horton's I miss you!!
    Fun post!! :)

  9. Oh, Dana, I absolutely LOVE this post!! Love the way you wrote it, love the photos that accompany it, love everything about it ... my goodness, your trio of daughters sure are beautiful!!

    to answer your question about the snowfall here, no it's not normal! we're already over an entire season's worth of snow ... I posted a very cute 'shaq-o-meter' graph today to spell it all out for everyone ;-)

  10. We stopped BRIEFLY at the Mall of America when we were in Minneapolis.

    It was...ummm...intimidating.

    Yes, yes it was.

    We ran and hid.

    But. yes...I did get a few photos.

  11. Oh I'm jealous! We haven't been there in many a year. I hear the waterpark calling my name.

  12. just the idea of going to a mall makes me twitchy, this girl HATES to shop...but a merry go round? that I can get behind!

  13. Girl shopping fun - What could be better!! I even saw some stuff I wanted in your pictures! Glad you finished your trek!!

  14. A shopping jungle sounds marvelous....with the right people of course.
    Love the pics.
    Home is where you are...funny sign!

  15. Now that sounds like an a challenge I would of loved to joined you with!

    Your girls are precious and I love the new look!

  16. Have your photo subjects always been so willing and well behaved? Because they photograph beautifully!

    I love the one you took from beneath the swing.

  17. Ahhhhh you're an Edmontonian too!!! Great shots of the mall. I haven't been there in AGES. Last time I was there I only went to Victoria's Secret & Anthropolgie. Otherwise I just go to Southgate or Kingsway but it's always fun to go back there, especially Galaxayland! They're renovating the mall soon so it's going to look MUCH better! Glad I found you! Yay for warm weather coming soon! xx

  18. This was such a precious trip report! You've captured so much personality, and you've made an ordinary shopping experience into almost a fairy tale!

  19. What a fun post! i love the pictures of the kids on the swings, and the carousel. You have a beautiful family!

  20. Love the skull! Looks like you had a great time.

  21. Too cute. Love it. Just what I needed after the day I had. lol. Thanks so much for sharing and linkin up. And btw, LOVE the changes over here. Wanna come do some for me?

    alicia @ a beautiful mess

  22. What a wonderful time. A slice of life.

    And a memory.

    Thank you for the wonderful photos.

  23. Oh my goodness, that looks like a great time! I love all of the pictures!

  24. You are a hoot and a holler! And your girls are all just gorgeous. Love that Eldest rocks those Chucks!

  25. It looks like you & the girls and a fun day! I am amazed at the huge amusement park in the mall! I'm with you & Eldest - I can't handle all the rides. I feel much better with my two feet planted firmly on the ground!


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