Thursday, January 27, 2011

Porch Jumping Olympics!

Well Agronomist, here we are at the Bungalow'56 2011 Winter Porch Jumping Olympics.
We haven't had this much excitement since watching these three athletes at the
Bungalow'56 2010 Summer Olympics.
Right here on these very same porch steps!

I know Dana, we are very happy to be able to bring this event to our viewers.
It will be an even more exciting competition, as this time there is a third athlete who has been training very hard and will be a close contender for the gold.

We have been witnessing some amazing take offs.
And Eldest here is making it very difficult for the athletes that are waiting their turn.

Yes Agronomsit, do you mind if I call you Ag?  
She has been working very hard over the past four months on her technique and is getting some real height.

This is her newest jump called the "Flying Eagle"
Annnnd... She NAILED IT!

This competition is heating up Dana.
Up next is Middlest.
This family has cornered the sport, and they are just getting better and better.

Now Agronomist, if you remember last year there was a real rivalry between these two.
Middlest is known for her fearlessness when it comes to this sport.

Her ability to catch air is next to none.
The other two will really have to work to be able to catch her.

The question is... will Middlest be able to do it?
Agronomist...I'm not sure if this will beat Eldest.
The Flying Eagle was spectacular!

Dana I think she's got it. 
This "Air Arabesque" is technically perfect.
Look at that reach and with the arms outstretched,
it is a very difficult combination to create.

You're right Ag.
Middlest and Eldest are neck and neck.
Now it's time to find out what Youngest is capable of in her first ever Porch Jumping competition?

There She Is!
And She's trying?  Oh my goodness... it isn't... it is... oh no? 
It''s "The Flying Monkey!"
No one has tried that since 2008, when the neighbour kid attempted it.
...and he is still in traction.

Dana look at that height and the torso twist!

Look at that smile on her face.
She knows she's got it.
That was AMAZING.

You're right Ag, even her landing was impeccable.
I think we have a new Porch Jumping Gold Medal Winner.

I wonder what the judges will decide?
We will have to wait for their comments to really know who has won this competition.

But just as we saw at the beginning of the event.
This competition is all about having fun.
And these sister athletes are as happy after the event as they are before.

We here at Bungalow'56 look forward to seeing what they will have for us at the next 
Summer Olympics, where Porch Jumping is sure to catch on.

This is Dana and The Agronomist
reporting live from Bungalow'56.


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  1. fabulous--i loved every bit of this event! your girls have impeccable form. :)

    love the midwinter joy you have going on at bungalow'56. i just may borrow your idea to burn off a bit of our january crazies.

  2. Wonderful technique. Great smiles (That's always important in the porch events).
    Next, I hope to see the Hot Chocolate with floating Marshmallows Drinking Contest.

  3. and now i KNOW i've blogging a year....i've witnessed two of your olympics!

  4. I love it!!!!! Those midair shots are fab! Very nice Arabesque.

  5. Beautiful.

    What a beautiful grouping those shots would be on a wall.

    A slice of life.

  6. My favorite? Littlest's gloves. Like flip flops in AZ--if two fit, then they match.
    Love your girls' pictures. So impressed they took them. I would have thought they were yours.

  7. Gotta love the creative activity of "porch jumping!" Great shots!! Beautiful girls.

  8. I think they are all winners. I love flair they all displayed. What a great post!

  9. beautiful form... beautiful girls... it's apparent they love being together!!

  10. All amazing! But the Air Arabesque stole my heart...


  11. This is a very fun post! I love that idea.

  12. Well, someone certainly has action photos down pat! Great post!!

  13. Oh my, they are all winners!

    I wish my bones would move like that again!

  14. Wow, I really like your blog, looks like a lot of fun! I think Eldest deserves to win, I love her form!

  15. oh, dana, your girls are just soooo beautiful!!! I love that photo of the 3 of them together! And those jumps are cracking me up b/c with 42" of snow in many parts of my yard, my girls decided to have a jump-olympics too today ... from the top of the swingset (which is half buried at this point)!

  16. The pictures are fabulous....and the commentary is fun. I love it.

    I think they all win!!

  17. GREAT PICTURES!! You are my kind of family!
    We do this on Sand Dunes in the summer but I am loving the winter version!!

  18. Ok, now I miss having snow! Nothing better than taking flying leaps and landing in huge snow piles!

    If this blogging gig doesn't work out, have you considered being an Olympic commentator?

  19. Practically perfect. Thanks for your post! It's darling.

  20. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and this one was no different. What a wonderful way to have fun.
    Thanks for sharing

  21. Too CUTE Dana! You always make me laugh! You've got some fine athletes at Bungalow56! I love the picture of all three of doesn't even look real! Like one of those pictures you get in a new frame at Kohls!

  22. brilliant photos! and oh that looks like fun!

  23. Sounding so much like Matt and Meredeth. Love the commentating.
    I say they will all be advancing to the finals...we want to see some more of that!
    Looks like a blast!

  24. these images are outstanding.
    love the dynamics and smiles.

    awards 4 u, Happy Friday!

    Happy Weekend.

  25. Just lovely! Beautiful girls, beautiful smiles-enjoy:@)

  26. I think they each deserve a 10 for style!!

    So how are you going to split the gold medal three ways??

    I love your fun in the snow. Great action shots. I think the photographer deserves a 10 too!


  27. this looks like so much fun, even though there's like eight feet of snow...

  28. What a perfectly wonderful stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter 'P'.

    I loved how you wrote your style girl.

    The pictures of the porch jumpers just made me whole heart smile.

    I thank you for that.

    And thank you for linking up this week.

    You are profoundly cool!


  29. I'll be watching for this event! Skill, daring, grace - it's got it all!


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