Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Is Why I Would Never Go To A Hypnotist...

So I've been finding myself critiquing my posts and deciding, nah... that's not a good idea.
Who wants to see that?
Picture is yucky.
I don't know what to write.
Scrap that one.
I need a toothpick.
ya da ya da ya da.

So I've decided to write a post in five minutes and share some random fun stuff with you.
This photo above is of some garland wrapped around a paper towel roll.
I took it with my new 50mm lens, and I think I'm in love.
But besides that, this picture tells another story.
One I am not proud of...

My tree is still up.
All my decorations are still up.
Would it be wrong if I still had my tree up in February?
The girls keep wanting to turn on the lights and as they do, I'm vaulting over furniture,
yelling Nooooo... sliding across the floor on my stomach to pull out the cord.

My organized sister told me she just took hers down on Tuesday.
So I feel a little less weird about it.

I think I'm suffering from S.A.D. seasonal  something or other disorder.
I guess that's not really fun stuff, but hey, I'm not self critiquing... remember?
We haven't seen the sun for a while now with all the snow and I just feel like I have no energy and all I want is sugar which just leads right into more tiredness. and on and on it goes,
...although? I see the sun peeking out just now and I have to say in the last two minutes I am definitely  feeling a little more chipper.

Can anyone say... placebo effect?  or highly suggestible?

This is why I would n.e.v.e.r. go to a hypnotist.
I would definitely be the chicken on stage flapping her wings.
I know that for a fact.
I'm sure I would put my full four years of theatre training into each and every cluck.
People would be amazed at my authenticity.
Pecking away.
Yup...never ever going to a hypnotist.

Just bought this off of Etsy.
I love it.
Suits me to a T.
Of course, I was thinking a cute kind of freak rather than a freaky freak, if you know what I mean?

I've done something craaaazeeee.
I've decided to go to a photography workshop offered by this couple.
In San Diego!
They are the world travelling Blue Lily Photography.
I'm still pinching myself. and am kind of in denial a bit, as I'm a wee bit nervous.
But Meg Duerksen is going too and has promised she will hold my hand.
So lets pretend I didn't tell you yet.
When I realize it's actually true I will write a post about it.
I promise.

Oh, and we are not sitting on benches around our table anymore.
We're like grown-ups now...

Remember these $5 chairs from our Spring jaunt to the city?
The steal of the century I tell you!
Well they are almost all painted and they look so great.
Agronomist... You Are THE Best Husband A Girl could ever ask for!

Here's a little sneak peak.  They turned out even better than I had hoped.
I better warn you, you'll be seeing a lot of this globe in my pictures.
I'm kind of in love with it.
I pretend I'm going somewhere when I look at it.
Somewhere, where it's not snowing.

Plus my new lens lets me take shots like this.
See?  Isn't this little guy cute?
It's my little baby globe, and that's daddy sitting behind him.
It's from the 1950's
I have officially started a collection.

OK, I kind of went over by five minutes.
So have a wonderful day,
and if you want to find the freak print?  You can venture on over to my Bungalow facebook page.
Come "like" me there and see all the great things I find and share with my friends!

Ta ta,
the sun is definitely shining now,
I'm going to do a little happy dance,
and take some pictures of chairs and stuff.

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  1. The 50mm is hubs' favorite lens too. I only pretend I know what I'm doing with it. Love your chairs!

  2. San Diego here you come - so cool (and it's a write off for your up and coming new photography company!). When do you leave? HMMMM....tomorrow would be lovely - wonder what it's like there this time of year?! :)

  3. Oh - Forgot to mention - hats off to the Agronomist-- great job on the chairs!

  4. I really didn't want to take my things down this year. It seemed like I hadn't got my fill but the tree made the decision for me.

    Those chairs are Very Cool!

  5. Ok, now I don't feel so bad. My Christmas decorations are still up, too! When I lived in New Orleans we decorated in red, green & gold for Christmas, then took down the red, added purple, and it was up through Mardi Gras! I think the New Orleanians have the right idea!
    And San Diego sounds fun! The winter is weighing on me, as well. Finally got dressed and out of the house for the first time in three days.

  6. I'm starting a globe collection too. I have to try that shot you did! Cool!!!

  7. That last shot is cool, cool, cool!

    And I was late getting my tree down this year, too. Kinda strange. First time I've ever gone this long...


  8. you always make me laugh so much! a globe collection. cool!

  9. Blue Lily AND a Globe Collection?? You are definitely a MEG FAN!
    so am I - soooo jealous of you right now ;))

  10. OOOh.

    here goes:

    I have not taken a single Xmas decoration down yet, b/c looking at my sparkly house makes me happy. And I desperately need that in January.

    Point no. 2: SAD and me? Sadly, (haha) we go waaaay back. Hence, I leave the twinkly lights up past mid Feb.

    ALSO? you are taking a photog workshop in San DIEGO??? DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD YOU ARE GOING TO GET?


  11. Oh and oh!

    I wish I had any sort of photo skills b/c I've been collecting globes for about 20 years and the boys bathroom is all globes.

    all of it.

    I adore it. Even the shower curtain is a world map, and a globe bouncy ball hangs from the corner ceiling of the tub. Did I tell you I love that bathroom?

  12. Not looking not looking not looking!

    Christmas decorations still up??? What would that Martha Points chick say?

    And WHEN are you going to SD??

  13. Sigh. I wish I could take pictures like that. Hubs has a great camera and an eye for things. I would love to try....someday!

  14. I am loving your pictures! I am a picture taking freak but never fancied myself a photographer (if that makes any kind of sense). Looking at your pictures and the class you will be taking almost makes me want to go buy a fancy camera - Looks like fun!

  15. I love the globes. Love them.

    I have been dreaming of going to BlogHer this year. I even sat my husband down to look at prices tonight. What this has to do with your post? Nothing, except that it is in San Diego.

    Your photography workshop sounds amazing!!

    The Christmas after my daughter was born, I had extreme postpartum depression and the only thing that made me remotely happy was my Christmas tree, so I left it up until May and turned the lights on everyday. So, as far as I'm concerned, as long as you get those decorations down by May, you are fine.

  16. Great pictures, and very exciting about the photography class. A class like that is on my long list of things to do.

    Love the globes.

    Getting Christmas stuff down and put away is way over rated anyway!! :))

  17. be SAD..your posts always make me happy!
    I say just keep the tree up til Valentines day!
    Enjoy the day!

  18. You are not alone. I also have a case of S.A.D.

    I love love love Blue Lily Photo. They are amazing. Have a good time!

  19. Hey there, dana ... I love my 50 mm too - use it 95% of the time - LOVE! The first and last pictures you posted here are AMAZING!

    re: SAD, I'm with you all the way, god do I ever break down in winter - boooo! shall we bake a tray of brownies and commiserate? we could compare notes about our nifty fiftys ;-)

  20. Oh I love you! You are so inspiring, going off to different places and honing your skills. What a great example to set for the girls. I wouldn't give a second thought to that tree. It'll come down when it comes down and you won't even remember that it was stressful a week later. Many people never take down their outdoor Christmas lights anyway...

  21. You know, this mishmash, wandering mind post really works.

    I get where you're coming from with the no energy, need-some-sugar attitude. Only difference, I'm in Minnesota where today the low in my city was 29 degrees BELOW zero!

  22. YAY - good for you. How fun! I love my nifty fifty. Your pictures rock.

  23. Love the photos. Ooh, we have a 50 mm lens, I should learn how to use it! {I am taking a course too, starts in April} But your course sounds AMAZING!

    Is that the globe you bought at CSN? I too am starting to collect globes, love them!

  24. I am so excited for you, way to pursue your dreams!

  25. I have had such a lovely visit at your place tonight. I am so glad you stopped by so that I could get to know you. You are funny. I like funny. :) What part of Canada are you from? I have a friend up in 100 Mile.

  26. My 50mm is my fav too :-)

    Love the random pics and am sooooo envious of your doing that workshop!!

  27. I want a vintage globe collection now. How fabulous!

  28. Oh Dana, I love your posts! Keep up the excellent work and it is really no big deal that your tree is up, is it?? Maybe it will make spring come faster? Glad you are having fun with your camera! Big envy here!!


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