Saturday, January 01, 2011

This Is Not A New Years Resolution Post

This is not a New Years resolution post.
I do not believe in New Years resolutions.
Therefore I have none to share.

Which is kind of sad, because now I won't be able to write about the fact that for 2011, I have decided to turn the "in real life" Bungalow'56 upside down.
You see, in terms of redecorating, I've figured out what direction I want to go in.
And I've decided to stop the crazy analysis paralysis that I have been suffering from.

I suppose if I believed in resolutions, I would be writing about how redecorating this bungalow was going to be at the top of my 'To Do" list this year.
Too bad really, that would have been an exciting announcement.
...oh well.

I may not have a resolution to share,
but I do have a confession.
Instead of my blog's tagline being "It's a Messy Life but someones's got to live it."
Secretly I wish it could be "It's a sparkling clean, spit shine orderly life... and I love living it."

photo credit: GettyImages
I'm sorry to say that I struggle with organization.
Mess seems to find me.

So Five days ago I decided to do something about it.
When I first came upon blogging I found Flylady's website, but just perused it a bit, as it was a little overwhelming for my ADHD personality.
I bookmarked it thinking it would be something I should try some day.
Well wouldn't you know it,  I looked at the Calendar on the 27th and right there in the box,
it said... Some day.

I knew it was a sign.
I joined the free site, and am taking steps to rectify my current situation.
Flylady writes me emails and calls me precious and I believe her when she tells me my home will be rid of the chaos if I just follow her beginner babysteps.
It starts with a clean sink every single night.
I have decided to do this!
...and will blog about my journey along the way.

Note: The fact that today is the beginning of the New Year is just a happy twist of fate, and in no way precludes my belief in resolutions.

And last but not least, if this were in any way a New Years resolution post, (which it is not)
I would probably share with you that I have decided to take the plunge and begin taking photos for people professionally beginning in the Spring of 2011.
I have so much to learn, and am fumbling with my new camera.
It scares the bajeebees out of me to write this, but you know what?
It's time to step out of my comfort zone.

I look forward to all of the wonderful and remarkable things I know will be a part of this next year.
While I am still resolute in my non-resolution stance,
I would like to say that I am very excited about 2011.
If someone were to ask me if I were a half glass empty, or half glass full kind of girl,
My answer would definitely be half glass full.
And in fact this year I want to step it up a bit.
I'm planning on submerging that glass.
It will be a little experiment here at the Bungalow.
I figure it can't hurt... right?
Although I can see that perhaps as the year progresses I might need a reminder or two about this decision.  (note: this is a decision not a resolution, just in case you were wondering.)

Thank you so much to all of you, for stopping by over this past year.
I am thrilled with this online family of friends I have become a part of and look forward to meeting many more wonderful ladies in 2011.
Speaking of friends, I have just recently created a Bungalow'56 Facebook page and will be sharing many more great finds there (that are really worthwhile but I don't have time to post about) along with my blog updates.
If you are a Facebook user, come and "like" my page for an easy way to keep in touch.

As Julia Cameron so wisely says;

I have learned, as a rule of thumb, 
never to ask whether you can do something. 
Say, instead, that you are doing it. 
Then fasten your seat belt. 
The most remarkable things follow. 

My 2011 question?

What would you do, if you knew failure was not an option?

Love ya like Nutella (maybe even more),
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  1. Okay - maybe if you can make it work, I can follow behind you...I used to have total ORDER - vacuum lines even - but alas, 2 jobs, 2 boys, and 1 messy husband = a girl gets T-I-R-E-D!!
    I will be excited to read about your new adventures in 2011!

  2. GO DANA GO - You can do it girl!

  3. Flylady is so very helpful! I see you shined your sink ;)

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE Flylady!!!
    Glad you are flying along.
    Enjoy the day

  5. I've been contemplating revisiting Flylady for New Years. You just convinced me (:

  6. Love flylady. I tried a similar approach to keeping my bedroom clean last year. It worked all the way through July. I consider that a triumph, don't you?
    Wish we lived in the upper extremities. I'd so call you to photog!

  7. Good for you! Seems a lot of us want to live with purpose this year. I just made my own weekly chore list, and now I'm going to Just Do It. =)

  8. I love a clean kitchen sink. It makes such a difference and motivates me to tidy the rest of the kitchen. You'll do great with the photography, I love your pics!

  9. Hmmmm....gotta check out this flylady....we need to get our place in's causing too much stress. And for 2011 I'm trying to reduce the stress so I can enjoy more of the everyday! For me it's a birthday resolution, not a New Years resolution.

  10. okay.
    love the title
    love what you are going to work on
    love nutella (only recently discovered!)
    now i'll go like you on fb!

  11. Awesome!I, too, have been intimidated by FlyLady before. Maybe I will check out these email thingies. My tagline of "the art of living haphazardly" is one that I also wish were more wrapped up like a perfect present sometimes.

    Congrats on your plans for your home and photography. i wish you much success (and I liked your Facebook page!)

  12. Totally get the no resolutions thing. lol. Whish is why I chose a word. But starting a photography business is HUGE!! Between you and I, I am thinking of doing this as well, but am not ready to admit it to the world just yet. Good luck with that. You are talented and will be great.

  13. Whish should be which. :-)

  14. Dana:
    Congrats on your decision! If I were closer, I would hire you to shoot Mary-Claire!
    Just finished my first post in a couple of weeks - the HUGE jar of Nutella made it! Unfortunately it isn't mine, but they did share!
    I don't really do "resolutions", but I do something call a "Perfect Year." Twenty five things that if they happened, or I achieved them, my year would be Perfect! I'm behind this year, but will be reviewing my last year's list and doing the 2011 when I get back from vacation. Good luck with the sink thing. I tried that once - and once is the key word. ha, ha!

  15. Oh Dana, love your posts! I have been contemplating a resolution or a word for the year or something to make me more accountable. I decided first to write a list of things I did well in 2010. It was actually very impressive. Maybe tomorrow I will come up with a focus word or some goals or "decisions" for 2011! I might also wait until Monday or procrastinate even further. hee hee! i am loving that beautiful clean sink! hugs, Cathy

  16. I will be the Gayle to your Oprah!

    Un-huh, you go, girl, cause you are all that! And then some.

    P.S. I do the clean sink thing every night, ala flylady.

    Have to. Messes give me ADD. Real Bad.


  17. Fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with

  18. YAY!

    For oh so many things, but mostly because you are turning your incredible photography into a Thing. A Thing to Be Proud Of. Wait...i'm not sure I like that as it suggests that it was not already so...

    I am launching a new thing also.

    I think. I hope. Maybe.

    But am very very excited for you!!!

    Can't wait to watch. Lemme get a good seat here.

    There. Nice and comfy.


  19. Those pictures are looking good. Looks like you've stumped us all with your question, going to have to ponder it and get back to you...

  20. You take great pictures! You might as well make some money doing it!
    I do love a clean kitchen sink, and I've never heard of the flylady! Where the heck have I been?

  21. Yeah I came across with Flylady before. She rocks! HAppy New years to you love! :)

  22. Love your post and the clean sink pictures! Makes me want to go clean now. I used to have a clean house and still do for the most part, but my 2 year old son has put a kink in my clean and organized home just a bit.

    If failure were not an option.....I would pack up my little family and "run away" for a year. I know that will never happen, but I can dream!

    Happy New Year.

  23. Hi! My friend told me about Fly Lady a few years ago...I remember the clean sink still....and I remember something about 'something fling boogie' where you throw unneeded things away.
    I am gonna go back and check her out again.
    I have never liked new year seems my best kept resolutions come when school starts back in August, not in the new year! Must have something to do with the weather.
    Happy New Year!


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