Monday, February 07, 2011

Some Truths, Some Lies and Some Sweet Shots

You know what I hated in elementary school?  I hated tag football.  
You see? I've never been fast.  I make great pumping arm motions and squeegie up my face while it turns bright red from the exertion, but the legs?  They just have one speed.  
Correction: make that medium /slow.  

When playing softball with The Agronomist and his University buddies my sister and I could hit the ball. After all, we were from good strong Dutch stock... but we seldom made it to first base. Ha!
But I can walk I tell you... a really fast walk.
Anyway, as for tag football, I knew there was really no point in running, because I would have that darn scrap of rag pulled from my belt strap no matter what I did.

Why am I telling you this? Well, The Empress sent me a message a few days back saying I had been tagged for her meme.  It's a fun one too.  And right away I got all sweaty and nervous, because I knew even if I tried running, there was really no point.  

The Empress is one of those bloggers that keeps on coming back to tell you, you are awesome.  She supports the efforts of hundreds of bloggers and makes you feel as though yours in the only blog she reads. She has had posts featured on Blogher, and has a wonderful post every Monday where she allows her youngest boy, Baby E, to write the post.  His ability to see things clearly is astounding.  So you can see why it would have been wrong for me to race walkwaddle, run away from this particular meme.

Plus she said the post had to be pretty, so I am sharing some sweet shots I took this week, which you have likely figured out, have absolutely nothing to do with this post.

Anyway, back to tag football.  I feel as though I've been trying to play the game again with my blog.  Not only did The Empress tag me for her Memetastic Award, but also Alissa from 33 Shades of Green sent me a Stylish Blogger Award award and tagged me for another meme several days before that.  
Meme: A meme is a blogging game of tag.  Where bloggers participate in another bloggers suggestion for post content and then they are linked to that original post where others can then click your name/picture to come for a visit, knowing the content will be in a similar vein.
(That is an "as I see it" definition of a meme)

Usually (for some reason I haven't quite figured out) I often do not participate when I feel I have to.
OK I do know why...I have this stubborn nature which rears its ugly head every time I feel I am being told I "have" to do something.

The Agronomist, poor soul, didn't find this out until after we were married.
Kind of like the motion sickness thing.  There have to be a few surprises left for marriage, right?

But I would feel really really guilty if I didn't lace up my runners and tuck that rag into my waist band.   Alissa was one of the first bloggers I began reading when I started my blog, and I knew within a few short posts her's would become an extremely popular home decor site.
I told her too, and my prediction has become true.  Don't you just love it when you're right?
So you see, these two ladies are probably two of only a handful that would make me pull out my asthma inhaler and go for a jaunt around the football field.
Magnets made and photo taken by Middlest
What is kind of embarrassing though, is that these memes are long gone. They are over and done with, by days. Which blog land is equal to an eternity.  
So here I am almost a week after these lovely ladies sent me these great memes and much like softball and football I am running in slow motion with my reply.

It just so happens that the rules for each meme are very similar.  The Empress asked us to tell our readers five things about ourselves that are big o'l lies, and include one that is true, and then try to have our readers guess which is the lie.

While Alissa stated I needed to tell my readers seven random things about myself.  I'm going to revamp this and make the two one.  I will tell you ten random things about myself with three of them being outright lies. See if you can pick them out?

1.  I've shot a moose. I love the thrill of the hunt. 

2.  I have a fine arts degree in Theatre with an almost specialization in acting.  Almost, because I left the program four months early, yet I did graduate.

3.  I met The Agronomist when I was 18, we spent a weekend together at a retreat where we were partnered up to introduce eachother to the rest of the group, but when we met again five years later, with his line "Were you at the so and so weekend?"  I couldn't remember ever meeting him.

4.  I allowed The Agronomist to name all of our daughters, giving in to his favourite names over my own.

5.   I wore emerald green contacts during University, and thought they looked natural.

6.  I had platinum blonde hair in University - it looked great with my green contacts. 

7.  I have a pair of en pointe shoes which I indeed danced in.

8.  I went through a stage of wearing Aladdin pants in many bright colours of paisley.  Aladdin pants are the kind where the crotch hangs to your knees.  Lovely.

9.  My sisters do not in general, find me particularly funny, even when I wear Aladdin pants.

10. One year before I got my learners driving permit, my mom and dad sold their '67 Mustang and bought a Suburban.  I have never truly forgiven them.


Due to the amount of stress incurred when accepting these awards I will not be formally sending them on.  As I believe every blog on my sidebar at some point deserves one, if not both of these awards.

This post is also linking up to Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday, where beautiful photos abound.
Sweet Shot Day

And thank you to The Academy Alissa and The Empress for thinking of me.  
I am truly honoured!

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  1. Hmmm.. hard to pick, you are good. I sadly wore those Aladdin pants so I am not sure that is the untruth - can't believe I admitted that! I don't know {sweat palms, heart is racing....}

    Congrats on the Stylish Blogger award. I too agree with you, Alissa is a darling and it is no wonder her blog is so popular!

  2. Since I also wore aladdin pants (which we called Hammer pants after MC Hammer made them huge ... remember his song 'can't touch this'?), i'm guessing that's a truth. But I think #9 is a lie - your sisters have to think you're funny! I'm thinking #4 is also an untruth ... no way did you give up full naming power ...

  3. Aladdins pants? Haha! Sorry I need to laugh. ;p

  4. Im guessing 1, 4 and 6. I must know. These are hularious. What a fun post!

  5. Ack! I don't know! I hate not knowing!!

    Umm....6! No, 1. No, 4.

    No, 6.

    Definitely 6.

    Or 1.

  6. I love that when the Empress calls, her subjects come running! :)
    I'm going to check out the other bloggers you've bestowed honour upon!

  7. Love your take on the blog awards!
    I'm curious (maybe nosey) as to what your youngest is creating with those marshmallows!
    Thanks for your comments today...I would have NEVER thought of painting our table to give it a whole new look!!! LOve it!!I'm so tired of the "country" look...and tired of looking at the same stuff we've had for years! I just wanting something more exciting and fresh!

  8. AARGH!

    You have so cleverly disguised these.

    They could all be true!!

    And you did do the pretty with this meme.

    I knew you'd bring it.

    I'm still mad at the Canadian postal service for letting me down.

  9. There's no way you shot a moose. But I have no idea about the rest.

    Your description of the Empress is spot ON. That is EXACTLY how she makes bloggers feel!

  10. 1, 4 and 6 false false false....what do we win if we're right?

  11. Awards are always tough for me, too. Love your list, tho...and that 1st capture is so beautiful!

  12. love the first capture! beautiful photo of your daughter

  13. Wonderful! Love her pink toes.

  14. i love every photo in this post - the colors and everything. nice shots Dana!!!

  15. The lies are 3,7 and 9? Lovely photos.

  16. I'm guessing 1 and 6. I must know. These are hilarious. Thanks!

  17. I'm thinking 1. Fun meme! Congratulations on your awards! :)

  18. I loved tag football when I was in 5th grade. I got to hang out with all the boys. I wasn't mych good, but my just older than me sister was and so I rode on her coat tails for a while...until they realized I should stick to singing. Sigh...

  19. Such great shots! Love that first one and the one of the hearts.

    Erika B

  20. I am loving those wonderful shots! Sweet! I am guessing 1 & 4! fun post!


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