Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Results Are In! Trivia Winners Are...

The winners of my unofficial Dana trivia quiz are.... drum roll please.

How bizarre to even be writing that?
This blogging gig allows for unheralded narcissist tendencies doesn't it?
Oh well... I'll roll with it.
Dana?  Narcissistic tendencies?  Wanted to be an actress when she grew up?
Liked the lights and the applause?
Yup, sounds about right.

OK... so here was yesterday's little Dana trivia quiz.
Three of which are not true:

1.  I've shot a moose. I love the thrill of the hunt. 

2.  I have a fine arts degree in Theatre with an almost specialization in acting.  Almost, because I left the program four months early, yet I did graduate.

3.  I met The Agronomist when I was 18, we spent a weekend together at a retreat where we were partnered up to introduce eachother to the rest of the group, but when we met again five years later, with his line "Were you at the so and so weekend?"  I couldn't remember ever meeting him.

4.  I allowed The Agronomist to name all of our daughters, giving in to his favourite names over my own.

5.   I wore emerald green contacts during University, and thought they looked natural.

6.  I had platinum blonde hair in University - it looked great with my green contacts. 

7.  I have a pair of en pointe shoes which I indeed danced in.

8.  I went through a stage of wearing Aladdin pants in many bright colours of paisley.  Aladdin pants are the kind where the crotch hangs to your knees.  Lovely.

9.  My sisters do not in general, find me particularly funny, even when I wear Aladdin pants.

10. One year before I got my learners driving permit, my mom and dad sold their '67 Mustang and bought a Suburban.  I have never truly forgiven them.


1.  Untrue:  I have actually shot a moose, but only with my camera so that doesn't count. I am without a doubt a moosey lover, both the alive kind and the kind on your plate : ) the meat is so lean it is unbelievable. But I have not shot one with my own bare hands... er gun,  and never intend to.

Which reminds me:

True Family Moose Story:  This past fall we were stopped at a side road rest stop and in the brush about 100 yards away was a moose munching away in the trees.  He wasn't too interested in us and didn't look up.

The Agronomist walked to the back of the truck to check something and while there,  cupped his hand over his mouth and made some sort of strange bellering sound.
The girls were all,  "Daaaaad!?  Whaaat are you doooing?"
He explained it was a moose call and told them to watch the moose. 
So he did it again.  Cue authentic moose beller.
The moose kept on munching.
He did not look up.
The girls sat watching and then mentioned to their dad it wasn't working very well.

Then Eldest piped up and told her dad she knew a moose call too.
She stuck her head out the window,  placed her hands to her head to look like antlers and yelled out "Moosey, moosey, moosey... moosey moosey moosey"
Well wouldn't you know?
The moose looked up and stared right at her for a long loong time.
The girls started screeching and squealing, and then all three of them started their own rendition of the effective moosey call.
The Agronomist hasn't lived it down.
It goes something like this....
Ha ha ha remember when dad tried calling the moose,  cut to three girls doing exxagerated moose bellering, bwah ha ha.  
He is a saint I tell you.  A Saint.

Ok, back to my All About Me Quiz:

2.  True:  I realized in January I had enough credits to graduate and decided to return home to work so that I could attend an after degree program in Education starting in May.  By the end of my third year BFA program I realized I was not cut out for the unpredictable (read: one will waitress while trying to find three month long, low paying, acting gigs) pauper existence of 90% of all actors.

3. All True:  Very embarrassing.  In my defense, at age 18, he was extremely quiet and sporting a mustache, so of course I didn't recognize him all clean shaven. Thankfully five years later he was "almost" The Agronomist hubba hubba I know today.   I take credit for a few tweaks here and there.  The mustache? now a goatee.

4. Untrue: The naming of each and every daughter involved experienced moderators and some lawyers. It was expensive but well worth it.  (I kid) With Eldest The Agronomist really wanted the name of a student I had taught who appentely as far as I could tell, did not have a pulse.  Needless to say Eldest has always stated she loved dad's choice for a name and often wishes it was her moniker. 

5. True: Emerald green contacts?  Can anyone say Sci Fi movie?  It was the actress in me trying to get out.
The blonde hues just don't quite work.
6.  Untrue: While I've always dreamed of a short sassy little white blonde do, I realize this freckled pink face could never pull it off.  I think that's why I read this blog.  Just because I imagine it is me.

7.   True: I was in fact a dancer from age six to fourteen.  My girlhood dreams always involved the stage.  I even tried out for The National Ballet of Canada.  Anyone could.  My parents and teacher were not ones to squash dreams, even if they knew it was not likely to happen.

8.  True: Aladdin pants are very comfortable, and you don't have to worry about panty lines... plus as a bonus, as you get older you would be able to wear depends without anyone the wiser.

9.  True: I asked my daughters just to make sure, and they agreed with me: that my sisters do not find me particularly funny. But thankfully my Sister friend thinks I'm a hoot!

10.  True.  I have had a fascination with '67 mustangs ever since.  

'67 Mustang Memory :
It was a beautiful moss green with a black vinyl top and black leather interior.  My dad finished writing his last engineering exam at University and walked the half hour to a local dealership.  He walked in and bought the car without telling my mom.  I was already born.   It was loaded, with a stereo and air conditioning.  I remember as a six year old being stopped by the police for a routine check.  Dad wasn't speeding, nothing was amiss.  The look on the officer's face as he realized he had woken up four little girls in the back seat was one of surprise and he apologized to my dad for bothering him and sent us on our way. We had a dog with us too. Theee coolest car for a family of six.. wouldn't you say?

So without further adieu... Choosing #1, #4 and #6
The winners of their very own pair of authentic Aladdin Pants!

Jen from Jen's Ink Pen
Lori from Marthapoints, and 
Yuliya from She Suggests!  

Yay! Cue confetti falling from the sky along with brightly coloured Paisley Aladdin pants.
Just email me ladies with your inseam length minus the measurement from your crotch to just below your knees!

You'll never look back.
I promise.


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  1. Yay me! Yay me!

    Although I absolutely do NOT believe you seriously intend to send me Aladdin pants.

    But yay me!!!

    (Oh yeah...and those other people too.)

  2. Oh I knew it I knew it! I know you so well :)

    And unlike Lori who is clearly ungrateful, I want Aladdin pants! May I request them in purple?

  3. Oh Yes!!! So much fun!!!
    Glad to know how well I know you! He He!

  4. haha! Loved getting to know about you through your Dana trivia quiz answers.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  5. What a great way to let your visitors know all about you! A true Diva!

  6. Ha ha!! I absolutely love this post! Forgive me if this is the second one...I haven't read anything in blogland in days! But I got about half of them right (incl green contacts and alladin pants.....sported both of my own in my day!)

  7. This is such fun! We had trouble deciding on girl's names. Thank goodness JDaniel was a boy.

  8. Congrats to the winners. I greatly enjoyed reading this, even though I wasn't in the running!


  9. That was a cool post...all about you...hehe...

  10. beautiful ...
    best regards on winners.

  11. Emerald Green contacts would be pretty cool. I see the Sci Fi thing, though. :)

  12. well, hey, at least 1 out of 3 isn't the worst, right?! This was super fun, dana, thanks for the effort, I loved playing!

  13. It's only right those 3 won, they are ever faithful.

  14. I have to agree with the empress on the justified winners!

    And, my eldest also tells me I should have named her differently. She loves her middle name and wishes it were her first name. . .a mother can never win, right???

  15. I had a friend who wore bright blue contacts. She was very dark and had deep brown eyes that were so pretty, but for some reason she wanted blue eyes...

    go figure!

    I think emerald green would be a whole different thing though.. I could see them being quite extraordinary with the right coloring!

  16. Hee. Loved the moose bit :)

    And the Aladdin pants? The way you described them totally made me think of McHammer. He wore Aladdin pants too, right?

  17. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    What a fun stop this week on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "R".

    You are always really clever!

    Love visiting you.


  18. I love how you decided to tell your 7 things - kept us guessing the whole time!


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