Monday, February 14, 2011

One Of A Kind Card Tutorial! XOXO

Step No. 1:  
Take a bajillion Sweet Shots of your children trying to bop you in the face.

Step No. 2:
Make your child then choose their favourite Sweet Shot from all of the Kapow choices.
warning: This step might take a while.
It may be important to take the bajillion pictures a week before Valentines Day so that enough lead time is created for this decision to be made.
That is... if you have girls.
If you have boys, you probably have no need to be reading this tutorial, as you already went out and bought the Star Wars Darth Vader special.

Step No. 3:  
Allow your child to download the chosen photo to where they can doodle all over the picture with the featured Valentine's doodles.

Step No.4:
Put your children to work, pasting the photo to another piece of paper so that it feels like card stock and then with a tack have them poke holes above and below the hand.
Step No.5:  
Insert sucker and be amazed at your amazing creative, cool, homemade, One of a Kind Valentine's Day cards.

Step No. 6:  
Tell the kids to go to bed and eat the remaining suckers over the next few hours.  
Leave the black licorice ones for hubby.... because, of course (thankfully) they are his favourite : )   

Even though I found the idea HERE..  
I am taking complete credit for the originality of these cards.  
I made sure those faces you see up there are one of a kind.  
My very own masterpieces.  
I Love the way each one turned out so perfectly.

Happy Valentine's Day!
to each and every one of you.

Remember you are a masterpiece too.
Just ask your mother : )


This post will be linking up to Darcy's My3Boybarians Sweet Shot Tuesday!
You'll find some amazing photographers over there!
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  1. Dana,
    Love,Love,Love this ideal!
    Sooo adorable!
    Did you come up with this ideal?
    As Alway love your post! Jilliekans!

  2. Those are absolutely great!! And yes I am a mother of boys... but they vetoed the whole process of card giving completely! So no homemade or store bought cards this year.... Their request... pizza with chocolate chip cookies w/ double the chocolate chips! Hmm sounds like my kinda idea!! I vetoed the ice cream and cake for breakfast though as they were running late.... maybe on their birthdays.... hot cinnamon rolls w/ ice cream on the side.... And to think we have a birthday on Thursday and then another Tuesday (another reason valentine's day gets over looked here.... we would be in serious sugar overload by the 2nd birthday!! ha ha!)

  3. You are awesome sauce! XOXO

  4. Dear God, this is amazing - I actually said OMG out loud over here when I saw the finished product ... as the mother of girls, I LOVE them love them love them!! Thanks, you're a rock star!

  5. These are FANTASTIC! If I still had young ones I would so totally do this! Maybe when I have

  6. Love how these came out!!
    Maybe next year?!?!:)
    Have a happy LOVE day!

  7. ADORABLE! I may have to steal this idea and use for another holiday, how about Mother's Day and stick a pretty flower in my hand?

    Thanks for the love!

  8. What an absolutely great idea. Almost makes me want to have a child still young enough to hand out a classroom full of Valentines. Love Kristi's idea to change it for Mother's Day too.

  9. Brilliant!

    Damnit. Why didn't I know any of these things when my kids were actually INTERESTED?


  10. Cutest cards EVER.

    Cutest kids EVER.

    You reign supreme.


  11. Ooch they are so cute! I havve seen the idea before, but your girls sure pull it off beautifully. Seriously. They are darling.

  12. Dana I am sooooo impressed!! I look at blogs all the time and ooohhh and aaaahhhh over stuff and great ideas, but this post floored me!! Such an amazing idea and they turned out PERFECT!! I can't wait to try this out! Thanks for sharing such creativity with us all!

  13. so cool, Dana!

    How fun and different!

  14. Dana, these look absolutely fantastic. Have a fun day AT WORK!!! Love you


  15. OMG - no joke! My friend just sent me a photo text 2 days ago with pics of her kids making these exact cards for her!

    WHAT a cool idea!

  16. Thanks for the shout out. Glad you liked my cards enough to try them for yourself.

  17. Is there a child missing from this photo shoot? Brilliant idea!

  18. I was thinking the same're missing a child!
    Super super cute...I've seen this around blogland...but your girls just such a natural in front of the camera. I love the doodles too...nice touch!

  19. What a great idea! Next year for sure :)

  20. This is the cutest, great idea! Your girls are so pretty.

  21. I found your blog through Sweet Shot. Just wanted to say that this is such a fun and creative idea!

  22. Those turned out great!

  23. Oh that is just about the coolest thing ever!! LOVE them!

  24. Made me smile, what a fun idea! I love the collage at the top :)

  25. What a neat idea! Wish I had seen this yesterday!

  26. Oh what an ADORABLE and fun idea! I'm bookmarking this and saving it for next year's activities for grandparents and their grandchildren! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  27. These would be cute to give at Christmas too...with a candy cane or a lip gloss or something like that!
    Great idea!!!!!

  28. great job! these are so cute!

  29. Almost used that idea this year, but our homeschool group went candy free at the party. You version of this card may be the best I've ever seen!

  30. Such a cool and clever idea! Great shots!

    Erika B

  31. Gee...I wish my kids were young again so I could try this! LOVE the hot pink, too!

  32. I love this! It's too late for this year, but I'm definitely putting it on my to do list for next year.

  33. i wanted to do this but thought my girls were "too old" for it. now i see how wrong i was - this is so cuuuute!!!!

  34. These Valentines are so cool Dana! I am certain that they were the most popular cards @ school yesterday.

  35. These are so cool. Good job. :)

    Marla @

  36. i saw this and thought it was so great! but i was not motivated. no homemade valentines. hardly any valentines at all. guess the pressure is off when there are no school parties cuz your kids are too old! ha!!! but i missed it... next year :) i love the pics you got!! really fantastic!

  37. I appreciate you trying so hard to be encouraging and all "HEY! YOU can do this!" but I just give up.

    We have to do the only thing left to do: you come here for one week and teach me.

    That is all.

  38. These are really awesome and I loved your little tutorial! :)

    Sadly my girls are too least according to their school. They only do V-day stuff for 5th grade and under. *sigh*

  39. So CUTE! I have boys, and it was the Wolverine special...


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