Friday, February 11, 2011

It's A Yay Day!

I found this picture on a Tumblr site, and it makes me super happy.
Because even though I realize The Agronomist would likely walk out our door 
straight into a wheat field and never come back if I simply suggested wallpaper like this... 
I think I've finally found a solution for our old tan loveseat.  Yay!

So I bought this to cover it.  Not quite as ocean and citrusy, but it will do.  
It's a great inexpensive solution to not quite being ready to buy a new set, but still needing it to work with a new colour craving decor plan.  
Now to just get rid of the espresso book shelves behind the couch, and paint those walls.
We are going light and bright people!  Yay!

Speaking of The Agronomist... he is back after being away for most of the week!  Yay!

And while he was away, we went to Costco to pick up a few things.
We love costco, especially all of their sample tables.
It made my children dance in the aisles they were so giddy.

Being Goofs!
And since dad wasn't home and it seemed so lonely there without him,
we decided to eat at Costco too.
Big Hot Dogs and huge pieces of Pizza.  Yummy Yay!

Too bad The Agronomist had to miss all the fun.
If you notice some dark circles around the girl's eyes, that's because...shhhh.... the night before,
Mom let them stay up late to watch some American Idol!  Yay!

Poor Agronomist...  and while we were goofing around, he was stuck in an airport.
He was bumped from his seat on the plane last night, and instead of getting home at 8:30
he walked in at 11:30.
But for his troubles he was given a $200 voucher.

Going to Winnipeg! yay?

It was a Fountain Tire series that used this actor over and over, kind of like the Apple/PC series.
Whenever anyone says "Going To Winnipeg!"  They are referring to this:

I don't know why? But he makes me laugh e.v.e.r.y. single time.
Big Announcement:

After a twelve year hiatus, I am returning to the workforce... until the end of April.
God has been listening to The Agronomist's my prayers and created the perfect stepping stone for getting over my slight agoraphobia, and out the door.
Thanks to my neighbour/friend, I will be helping in an accounting office for two and a half months during their busy period.
They must have read about my Mathematical wizardry here and here : )
The best part?  The hours are between dropping off and picking up the girls at school.  Yay!
Plus, I think I might have to buy some new shoes! DoubleYay!

I think parts of this were being sped up.  What do you think?
This is such a fun video!
If you can watch it without smiling, or snapping your fingers, or tapping your toes.
Then you might need a nap.  Or... a happy pill.
For me, the two are one and the same!

Yay for weirdly talented people who take the time to create fantastical stuff so that they can make you smile!
FYI: I'm using the word weird here in a completely endearing way.

When I showed it to The Agronomist, I said, Now you have to admit that made you smile, right?
His reply,  "Well, it made me scratch my head..."

I sure did miss him.

Here's to everyone having their own Yay Day!

Love ya like Sushi,
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  1. Congrats on the job! Wow! Have fun!!

  2. I swear I just saw these two on a McDonalds commercial??? Could it be??
    Working again (OUTSIDE the home that is)....ugh...can't stomach the thought of it!:)
    Love your improvised slipcover!
    Have a happy day

  3. JDaniel loves to go to Sam's for their samples. He is so disappointed when they don't have the tables out.

  4. Just showed my girls that papa americano video - so much fun, and what unreal coordination ... and, yes, we were all tapping away and smiling as we watched - good find!

  5. Many congrats on the job!!!!

    We luv Costco too. We've been known to have dates there for lunch, without the kids.

    It's cheap!

  6. My kids love it when we eat at Sams. . .those big pieces of greasy pizza are a huge hit. . .takes so little sometimes:)

    Oh, wow. . .going back to work! My time is quickly coming, I can feel it and I'm not at all happy about it. Hope it goes well!

  7. Isn't amazing how commercials can integrate themselves in to our social interactions. Who hasn't said "I can't believe I ate the whole thing". My favorite commercial was the one where the car was "too sexy for the car seat, too sexy for the drive thru, to sexy for the cleaners."
    Congrats on your temporary job.

  8. wow. you packed so much into this post! my main question is....the costco picture....where were the other 11,243 shoppers?

  9. I like working.

    I work 2 part time jobs: and I like it. I work for a caterer, and I also teach cooking classes.

    I like the job, meeting people, getting make up on, and having some one over 5 ft to talk to.

    Also? Money comes in pretty hand around these parts.


  10. You really go all out when hubby is gone, don't you. AmericanIdol, Costco, what more could a woman ask for?
    And I can't believe they kept straight faces. That whole dancing in the middle would have done me in!!

  11. The sofa looks great! Love the light and bright idea!

    I think you should definitely get some new shoes! That's the best part about going to work for a few months.

  12. Dana, this post made my day and HH's day! I was all cranky because he didn't go back to sleep in the morning and I had to take him downstairs to play instead of us all sleeping. I put him down on his playmat, opened the computer and read your post. When I played the video he started doing this little dance he does (more of a rock) and we both got all happy! I picked him up and we danced around the room repeating the video four times in a row. Thanks for changing my mood and entertaining HH without even knowing it!

  13. I love light and bright.
    I also love eating at Costco.
    And that very cool video, which is going out to my grandkids right now.


    Ps. Glad your hubby's home.

  14. Congrats on the job!! That'll be so fun for you for a few months! I love going to Costco! I make sure I don't eat before leaving the house. Happy Weekend! xo

  15. ps. I am German so my Grandparents are Oma & Opa. My family lives mostly in Ontario slash Oakville. That's awesome. I haven't heard of it but I should tell my family about the Furniture shop!

  16. Well yay one on thee great couch cover..
    Yay two on the job...and...
    Yay three on the hubby getting home safe and sound :-)

  17. yay for your Yay day! :o) your enthusiasm and delight that shines from your post! (Your sense of humor had me laughing out loud..."...walk out our door straight into a wheat field..."

    Love your solution to your loveseat. It really looks bright and cheery.
    and Yay for your hubby being back home and for the fun time at Cosco with your pretty girls (you all are beautiful ;o)
    All the best back at working outside your home.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Thank you so much for stopping by, please come back again any time...oh and I love that video! And did you know that those two do a similar version for a McDonald's commercial?)

  18. Congratulations on the new job!! It seems the perfect thing for you right now and if you don't like it it is over in 2 and 1/2 months ;o)
    We love Costco too, my kids come up with reasons to visit and my daughter makes me stop at every stand to try the food ;o)

  19. Congrats on your new job Dana!


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