Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Forgot What I Was Going to Name This Post

I forget many things.

My Keys,
Almost daily,
But thankfully The Agronomist knows I can't get far without them.

My Purse (just this past Sunday at church)
The Agronomist left us at Starbuck's and went back for it.
He loves me.

My grocery list (today)
I texted The Agronomist who told me it was in my pocket.
Most of the time... he loves me.

My cell phone
Too many times to count.
The Agronomist doesn't love it when he can't get in touch with me.

and sometimes...

My Passport : )
But just once.
Thankfully The Agronomist believes in his marriage vows.

I felt instantly that this song was written for me.
My sisterfriend Megan emailed it, even before the Passport fiasco,
and it was just today that I watched it.

I sort of forgot it was in my in-box.
She knows me well.

Tell me I'm not alone....
Have you forgotten something important?

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  1. Oh you! The passport thug is not so funny, but at least you can look back on everything else and laugh!

  2. I have forgotten many chargers in hotels, coupons when that's the only reason I went to the store, baby's blankets when that's the only thing that would help them sleep...the worst was forgetting that the carpool schedule had changed...4 sad kids left at the school. At least they were safe and together. They thought it was fun!

  3. I never knew we were supposed to name our posts. I always just start writing...put a few dots in there and call it a title.


  4. ..unplugged a crockpot full of chicken stew and didn't plug it back in...I blame it on nearing 50 and using my brain for so many other useful purposes....

  5. I forget important things every day. Lately, it's my M.O. (I think it's become my trademark, in fact.)


  6. Hahahaha, you forgetful bunny you!!! Thank goodness you have someone to keep track of everything for you!!!


  7. I am forgetting more and more things. Thankfully my friends help me to remember to check for all my belongings before I leave their homes.

  8. I used to laugh when an older friend of ours would say, "It's not that I'm forgetful, it's just that my brain is full." Now, instead of laughing at that friend, I've adopted the saying for myself. :)

  9. Catching up with you. .. .
    We never had the crepe experience till my sister-in-law married a true blue Frenchman--from France!
    Now, we crepe with the best of them.

    And I'm getting more and more forgetful. I've thought about getting one of those clapper things for my keys.

  10. I like to call it momnesia! During our last move i lef the fish tank, with fish, outside. It was December!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  11. I have a great memory, I just forget to use it!
    This was a great post. I am the absolute worst about my cell phone...and so many other things :o)

  12. oh I so suffer from the same maladies! I guess not only are we aging, but we are also so very busy with the kiddos. That's why I have to make a list (and yes, often forget it! ) I am going on a 7 hour bus trip to Washington DC with my darling daughter for an 8th grade class trip~should be interesting. hugs, Cathy

  13. You know, my kids' mantra these days is this (said with a condescending tone) ; "Muuuuum - I told you all of this last night! Don't you remember anything?"


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