Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's A Keeper

When you become a parent,
no one tells you the journey it will take you on.

My Eldest is a keeper.
In soccer circles, this means she is
a goalie.

Over the past five years I still haven't become used to watching
as my daughter tries to stop the missiles being launched at her
over and over again.
My heart is in my throat for the full 50 minutes.

I also have not become used to watching,
the opposition players run towards the ball
while my daughter  jumps out towards it.
They, intent on kicking it and she, intent on grabbing it.

From a mother's perspective... this is not a good combination.

We attended our Province's Tier 2 Soccer Provincials.
We live in a smallish city.
Big city teams do not expect my daughter's team to do very well.

The girls do not have a city league to play in with other teams of their calibre.
The only games they get to play are ones in tournaments.
Only three times a year.

They play against girls who play several times a week.
They play against teams who have eight to ten times the population to choose from.
I am so proud of them.

Plus an amazing bonus.
They are all nice girls.
They have wonderful coaches who have taught them to
play clean and above all,
always show true sportsmanship.

That for me, is more important than any score on the board.

They managed to overcome several injuries.
And Eldest played some amazing games
even though she hadn't played for close to five weeks due to an injury.

This past weekend they brought home the silver.
I hope they know how amazing that is.

When you become a parent.
No one tells you the journey it will take you on.

My Eldest is a keeper.
And I couldn't be more proud of her.


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  1. Great post! Your pride is shining throughout this post and it makes me smile. I cringe when I think of the time when my boys will enter into team sports - only because I think of how competitive it can become, at times at the expense of good sportsmanship. So glad to know that true sportsmanship still exists. I hope I will be as lucky as you to find teams such as the one your daughter is on.

  2. Dana, I didn't know that term but our middle grand is only 7...she plays on an all boy soccer team and does really well. I wish her team sounded more like your daughters.

  3. So awesome! Congratulations to your amazing daughter. xoxo

  4. That's wonderful.

    And silver is my favorite color!


  5. Amazing! Watching ones children play sports can be so intense. The ups and the many! The athleticism among girls seems so much more than when I was young.

    You're one tells you the journey it will take you on.

  6. I forbid this child and any future children from contact sports...hope they like golf...or bowling.

  7. She did so well! I would be so nervous about ball flying at JDaniel.

  8. My daughter is a keeper too! But it's field hockey and she gets to wear way more protection which makes this mama feel a little better. But still it is stressful being the parent. It brings me such joy to see my daughter be part of a team and play for the love of the sport.

    Does anyone play field hockey in Canada? Just curious. It's a big East Coast sport here in the states.

  9. I had one of those. Enjoy it!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  10. Congrats to your daughter.

    Yes my heart would be in my throat too! I never understood how the goalie does it! I'd run the other way ;)

  11. You got some amazing shots of your 'keeper'! And they totally should be proud having brought home the Silver...way to go!! I played center forward - I was never brave enough to be the 'keeper'. ;)

    WW: Creative Play

  12. Very sweet and I love the title!!

    My son plays football. It is equally difficult to watch them, "bash heads" play after play.

  13. You should be proud, she is a keeper. My daughter also plays keeper and it can be hard to watch. The other daughter seriously fractured her growth plate while playing soccer. Hard to watch but it made her MORE determined to get back on the field and strengthen that leg that was in a cast for 10 weeks!

    Congrats to your daughter!

  14. Love the pics...and a little healthy competition. Awesome!!!

  15. Wonderful! I know what you mean. I used to find it hard watching my boy's soccer games - especially when he was playing men's A-grade at aged 16. Those blokes were big and rough!

    Well done to your girl & her team!

  16. My brother was a keeper for many years...its scary to watch!

    Wow,how great for your girls to be competitive with the big toen great for their confidence!

    How did the loooooooong bus ride go?

  17. Congrats on winning the silver, but being a 'keeper' is the most important thing of all.

  18. Boy....I'd be like you too!!! Holding my breath & trying not to jump towards the field!!! Congratulations Eldest!!!!

  19. Definitely no easy feat as a mother, eh? But bravo to you. My son is in soccer too, but I've never thought of what it must feel like as a mom of a keeper. YIKES!

  20. so true Dana! Congrats to Eldest on the Silver!! I love this post as I am the Mom of a keeper, too. hugs, Cathy


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