Thursday, March 24, 2011

Too Much X-citement!

There has been so much X-citement around here at Bungalow'56 I haven't been able to get to my blogging.
Last week I told you how we had a few problems with some gentlemen who will otherwise be known as the Little "L" men.
After last year I thought for sure I had managed to Leprechaun proof the house.
I'm embarrassed to say, they outsmarted me.

As usual the girls were allowed their once yearly treat of Lucky Charms.
Last year The "L" men made such a mess, I knew not to open the boxes before the girls woke up.

But that didn't stop them.
Can you see what they did?

Here's a closer look.
How they managed to wield scissors or a knife to get the job done, I will never know.

And to add insult to injury....
Look what they did to Youngest's little note!

I guess in the end though, I didn't mind that they had a little fun.
As long as they leave us a little chocolate gold goodness for our troubles : )
(none of which were consumed in any way by this sugar free blogger.)

Some friends were also asking how our 12 hr bus ride to and from Provincials was.
The ride down was great.  We stopped half way and did the drive in two days.
I had a great visit with some of the other soccer moms with many laughs.

Unfortunately the ride back wasn't as pleasant.
The last five hours of the drive the roads were treacherous.
And that is in no way an eXXageration.

Vehicles were sliding into the ditch in front of us left right and centre.
When we could no longer see where the road was, due to the drifting snow, 
we decided to stop at the next town and stay overnight.
Unfortunately all the hotel/motel rooms were full.

The beautiful clear roads....on the way down.
Gary, our driver, talked us into continuing, 
and with a bunch of nervous women looking over his shoulder,
he managed to drive us home safely and we arrived at our destination at 1am.
Definitely too much X-citement for this mama.

All I know for sure is.... if we ever have to attend a tournament in March again, we will be flying.

I am currently writing up a proposal to the Catholic Church to consider Gary for sainthood.
After putting up with us.... he's a shoe in for Canonization.


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  1. Im glad you made it home safe and sound...
    Hopefully you will regain those years you lost!

  2. I hope Gary gets it! Glad you made it home.

  3. Well survived! I think I remember Lucky Charms from our little local supermarket in '70s Belfast. They were the only X-citing alternative to Cornflakes, as I recall!

  4. Xtra specially good to read you again. i've been on a blog-reading-break....always good to stop in and have a laugh!

  5. yes...agreed. Way too much eXcitement. 2 words for next year: leprechaun repellent!

    Cute post! Enjoyed my stay.

  6. It seems like a guy who volunteers to drive a busload of women is cut from a special mold...patience to the nth degree. We have a driver like that for our quilt history study group trips...yes, a vote for sainthood! Unlike those naughty little L Men...

  7. Exciting will you top it this week?

  8. Gary is awesome...okay, I don't know him, but any man who is willing to put himself on the line in front of moms is awesome. I will second the vote for sainthood.
    Now, your pictures are amazing. Is it so fun to do? I am really wanting to take a photo class...someday!

  9. You're having one heck of a month! :)

  10. Way to go soccer mom Dana! You are fabulous. I miss you!


  11. So glad you are safe and sound AND I cracked up at what the L guys did..

  12. What a trip!! Glad you made it home safe. March is so unpredictable!

  13. Way too much excitement. Yummy cereal though. mmmmm

  14. I would have been a total stressball in that bus!
    Snow really...still. You must be so ready for Spring!

  15. Yikes! That's a lot of excitement! But life would be boring without it, right?

  16. I always knew the "L" men were real!
    Glad you got home safely from the soccer tournament!

  17. perfect 'X' post! Thanks for sharing the fun with the 'L' men - I will have to see if they will visit us next year.

  18. Glad you made it safely home!


  19. goodness! glad to know that you are all safe and sound, back from your adventure :o)

    And just a wee bit o' mess those little L's make!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  20. I would have been a nervous wreck. The little L men missed our house. I think because I was sick and they didn't want to catch what I had. I don't blame them.

  21. Eeek - glad that you made it home okay, and I've heard of Lucky charm cereal, but never seen it before.

  22. Lucky Charms once a year...that's a good idea! My kids would eat it every day if I'd let them. Then of course they'd be as energetic as your leprechauns!

  23. Sorry taken so long to comment had cold all week and not been on PC much
    loved it love the cereal as well

  24. Dana. You are my hero.

    I admire you so much!

    I can only imagine that every day of your life is an adventure.

    Hooray for you AND your family.

    This was an Xcellent link.

    Thank you!

    A+ and my apologies for my late visit this week.


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