Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Know Spring Is Here When...

SPRING is here at Bungalow'56!

Can't you tell?

Well let me point out the signs:

1. My girls are frolicking..... outside... without any prodding from their mother.

2. They are not wearing heavy winter jackets with scarves completely covering their faces.

3.  The sky is blue.

4.  The snow is soft.

5.  Snowmen are being produced.

6.  Neighbour children whom we have not seen for six long months emerge from their homes to help.

7.  Hoodies are now acceptable winter wear.

8. Children are smiling and laughing spontaneously.

9.  Even snowmen are smiling.

10.  Spring time fashion choices are being made.

11.  Vitamin D is obviously being absorbed as teenage moods are showing great improvement.

12.  Strength is also returning, as their bodies obviously begin to thaw.

The signs are very clear.

When snowmen arrive... Spring is here!

It's true.

And I know what you're thinking.

But what about all the snow?

Here in northern Canada when it comes to figuring out the seasons?

Snow is irrelevant.

We won't be fooled.

Some years, it can arrive on the May Long Weekend without any warning.

So really... when the snow is finally gone?

That's when we here at Bungalow'56 announce... 



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  1. I can it, yes, spring is there! We have spring here {I think} hard to tell as we dodge the rain drops.

  2. Visiting from the Wordless/ful Wednesday link-up. I'm a fellow Canadian, but my spring photos are, er, a little different. Sorry about that.

    But I love these ones. I can see spring in them.

  3. Ohhhh yes!!!! Today was beautiful!! Yay for Spring!...Even though our signs of Spring are quite different that lots of other cities. Whatever =)

    Great photos! Looks like the girls had a ton of fun! xoxo

  4. Wowza! That is crazy. But, okay. They do all look happy and that definitely translates into Spring!

  5. Dang. No more complaining from this girly. That is a LOT of snow. Love your pics. Love that your girls are havin so much fun. You captured it brilliantly. Your camera skills have really taken off. And your girls are so creative. Very fun!

  6. Beautiful pictures. So glad you guys are able to get outside and frolic! I can tell Spring on the Gulf Coast of Alabama is here because we have gone boating twice and I have sunbathed a couple of times....I can't imagine that much coldness!

  7. So pretty and fresh! The only part of Canada I've been to is Victoria. Maybe someday I'll get to see more:)

  8. I do love spring snows -- winter's last hurrah!!!! Sort of like it saying goodbye. Great photos.

  9. Ok, no more complaining that it's cold over here in PA! If we got snow this late in March...I might have to go on happy medicine!
    Looks like your girls are having FUN!

  10. I know where you are coming from. Unfortunately our snow is not fluffy. Although if I had gone out in the middle to make a snowman he would now have a hard icy crusty covering and last until May!

    I will really appreciate our week of spring when it passes through.

  11. Beautiful looking snowmen in spring!!
    That's snow then it's summer!!
    Have a happy day

  12. Oh my still have so much snow! You deserve an award for surviving another winter! Enjoy the snow!

  13. I meant to say spring...not snow, you dont need anymore snow!

  14. They did such a great job with the snowmen. I don't think I could take this much snow.

  15. What a cool job on the snowmen. We never see that much snow, so it's cool to see pictures.

  16. LOL. I knew as soon as I saw the hoodies! It's the same here. This year I knew when my daughter broke out the flip flops even though we still had a mountain of the white stuff on the lawn in the backyard.

    Great snowmen!

  17. Wonderful post! We don't have the snow here in Illinois, but we do have some chilly temperatures. That doesn't put a damper on my mood though. It is still Spring, and that is evident by the beautiful blue sky, chirping birds, and budding trees.

  18. Living in Minnesota, I totally "get" this post. Lucky for us, our snow is melting and we can see lawns. Yet, the temp this morning is in the low 20s.

    Wonderful words with equally wonderful images.

  19. We have had snow the past couple of day here on the Ponderosa in Southern Mo. but it didn't last long. Seems we're havin' the winter that never ends!!!

    I loved the pics of your girls and their snowmen. The smiles just say it all. On the girls and the happy snowpeople!

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day!!! :o)

  20. What beautiful snowmen!!! Looks like they had a great time!

    I was not nearly so cheerful about the snow on my blog today LOL

  21. Thank you for explaining to me the mysteries of the seasons for places north of the tropics. I would never DREAM of a place where it has to "warm up" to make snowmen.

  22. LOL!!!!!! You said it!!! As soon as I can wear a hoodie outside....I'm SO excited!!!!!! And I'm loving the sunshine! Who cares that I can't see out my truck windows because of all the much flying at it from the others on the road????

  23. Hilarious!

    We used to live next door to neighbors who'd say - every year at the first snow - "Well, that's it for us. See you in the summer." And they weren't joking!

  24. I love the pictures of your girls.

    My little guy was so excited to see a patch of green.

    To play in the sun when there's still a bit of snow left outside? Heaven for him.

  25. Hey, it's all relative, right? Even spring!


  26. Oh my that really IS alot of snow. But the pictures are beautiful and the kids look like they are having fun and, HEY the sky is blue!!!

  27. Enjoyed the photos! ...and I'm glad to see your "signs of spring"! We had snow, but not like your snows!

  28. We still have snow covering most of our lawn. Typical

    So true about the kids emerging - so amazing how much they grow during those hibernation months. crazy.

  29. Looks like it was a gorgeous day! Although I have to admit, I am happy to see grass around here for a change! (even though it's brown - LOL)

  30. great post! Had a lot of fun reading it! Not only are the snowmen adorable - so are your girls! {:-Deb

  31. Oh my goodness, it looks warm but with snow! That's CRAZY to this Southerner (of the U.S. that is! ha!) Meanwhile it's already green and everything is blooming here. (not rubbing it in, just saying...) ;) Love all the photos!

  32. Hey now , the weather has been nice here as well . The sun melted all the snow but its expected to snow again tomorrow :( Oh well

  33. oh my ... here on the west coast it is just ... well .... wet ... at least you have sun!!!

  34. Such a fun spin on spring! Love the sunshine and the snow! Looks like so much fun...spring is when our neighbors all come out too (the parents that is....the kids have been out all winter!)

  35. Great Photos of Spring Fun...although our Idea of Spring is quite different....mine definately does not include SNOW! It's going to be 80 today here in Texas and in the 90's for the weekend. That's my idea of Spring!

  36. Your post is great! The kids looke like they are having so much fun ... Thanks for visiting my site.

  37. That is truly amazing. I can't begin to imagine that much snow this time of year here in the Ozarks. Last year we got about 12 inches of snow and we thought that was A LOT. It's supposed to be in the low 60s today....which is close to normal spring temps here. In any case, summer is slowly making its return. Enjoyed your post and your blog. Thanks for stopping by Acorn Hollow!

    Mrs. T.
    Acorn Hollow

  38. I love the thought of everyone in the neighborhood emerging from their hibernation to play in the sun - even when snow is still around!

    We are still very snow covered here in northern Wisconsin, but the sun is out and it warms our hearts.

  39. what cute snowmen you built,

    happy smiles,
    safe driving on icy/snowy roads..

    it is spring in my place, American central.

  40. What wonderful, cheerful photos! This has been a cold spring...but it looks like your family are making the best of it. Happy letter "Y"!

  41. That was fun, indeed Spring is in the presence of the sun. Its gonna be a long sunbathing story. Your girls are quite adorable, with all of their neighborhood kids...sure fun to be energized by the sun.

  42. I love your bunny snowman! I'm glad that I am only looking at a photo, though, and not the real thing.

  43. hi dana - long time no talk ... thanks for your encouraging words after my freak out!! I've regained my composure and am back at it ... yay!

    Love this post ... spring operates pretty much the same here in boston some seasons - got snow again today, ugh! but i've found a big distraction in the mystery of the escaped bronx zoo cobra this last week ... and something tells me that you've probably been following her tweets too?? she's pure genius i tell you ...

  44. Gosh, that reminds me so much of Spring when we lived in North Dakota! We used to think that was absolutely balmy weather!

    What a fun favorit is the snowman with the glasses on. Your daughters happy face in that picture just made me smile.

    Thanks for a wonderful spring-Y link for A-T this week.



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