Friday, April 01, 2011

Value Village We Love You!

While I was at work Middlest and Eldest had a photoshoot~photo credit Middlest
We have been enjoying Spring Break, 
and one of the fun activities we had on our clipboard of fun
was going to see if we could find any treasures at Value Village.

Well guess what?

We did!

A beautiful dress that will be just as stunning mid length.

The others found some great treats along with a little "Mad Men" flavour for Moi!

More pictures to come in a few days.  I promise.

We do love Value Village.

And if you don't believe me.

Some of the most amazing pieces of clothing my girls own have come from this unique boutique we like to keep a secret.  (Value Village is a Goodwill style store here in Canada)

...except of course when I tell my bazillion gazillion readers all about our finds.


Now do yourself a favour.  Get yourself to a Value Village and find your inner Princess!

It's just what the doctor ordered!

Love ya like Taffeta,

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  1. I too share your love for Value Village, or any thrift store. Just yesterday went "thrifting" {my newest verb} with another blogger and the treasures we found! Got a dresser that will be our TV console for $25! Found riding boots for my daughter and fantastic urns for the garden!

  2. Beautiful dress. What a find! I love it when that happens :))

  3. What I do have here is a value village.

    What I don't have here, is daughters.


  4. Thrifting is really popular here, especially with the teenagers and young adults. It's fun!


  5. my favorite thrift store! My college daughter and I LOVE Value Village!!! Yes, I share your love for this store!

  6. We love Value Village here too :)
    My oldest daughter refuses to go anywhere else to shop for her clothes (she's 13)!!

  7. is that your daughter? she is gorgeous.

  8. What a find! You really did well!

  9. Gorgeous! And the light in that photo....awesome!

  10. Beautiful photo of your daughter, Dana. She's stunning.

    I, too, am big on thrift stores. You never know what bargain gems you're going to score. My 20-something daughters also shop at them. (I taught them well.) I can hardly wait for garage sale season to start!

  11. Oh my, she is STUNNING. And a great photo, nice job Middlest!

  12. She is beautiful! And what a great photo, too...isn't it fun to find treasures?

  13. Oh I love thrifting. My baby hates it so we don't get out much..but I am hopeful again once she starts preschool.

  14. Emily loves thrifting too....purses and belts and dresses and more. Feels so good to save!
    Loving the pic. Want to see more!

  15. We love it too, as in my mom, aunt and myself. My grandma was an original thrifter and fortunately it didn't skip any generations. And when someone asks where did you get that? We say the V.V. Boutique! : )


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