Monday, April 04, 2011

I Have A Secret To Share

When I witnessed this act of crafting.
I decided I needed to take my camera out to catch this sweet shot for the week.
I also began to wonder, if in fact this was my child?

But then I had the flashback to her birth.
A birth without the aid of any intervention.
And I remembered she was mine.
I have a secret to share with you all.
I have always wanted to be a crafter.
A DIY'er of anything and everything.

But I'm afraid it has only been a Martha-esque dream.
...until now.
You see?
My Middlest has the gene.
The crafter, creating, DIY gene.
It must have skipped a generation.

I can often find her perusing crafting blogs,
looking for some new and interesting craft to tackle.

This particular endeavor came from Martha Stewart herself.
You can find the instructions HERE.

I have always loved these tissue flower pom poms, and have always dreamt of making one.
I had a child, without any intervention, 
and for my trouble,
she makes them for me.
It has been a worthwhile trade off.

Now to even things out.

She just needs to make...

a few thousand more ; )


PS I love my little Martha more than ALL the paper pom poms in the world.

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  1. Your little Martha did brilliantly! Can picture already what decorations will be used at the next Bungalow birthday party ;-)

  2. Love it! I dream of being a crafter (and making lovely pom poms like this one) but it is only a dream. My patience leaves me before my craft resembles anything pretty!

  3. I have a Martha-esque daughter too, she loves to bake those fancy intricate desserts that require too many ingredients and calories!

    Glad you have one too, makes your job easier OR you can have her make things "behind the scenes" and everyone can say "wow" Dana, how did YOU do it!

  4. I actually have this pom pom kit from Martha Stewart in my craft bin! I was going to make them for my daughters room, but now having seen that your middlest could do it herself quite nicely, my middlest should do it herself too! Great inspiration!

  5. Your girl is beautiful! And a worthwhile trade off indeed. =)

  6. It looks like you did a excellent job of crafting a wonderful daughter, which is much harder than a tissue pompom.

  7. Lovely! She has a wonderful smile and a lot of talent. Great shots!

  8. You're not alone. I always wanted to be a crafter too, but I've always been terrible at it. I just want one of those cute craft rooms:)

    LOVE the pompom! She did good. Definitely got the gene:)

  9. Beautiful girl and beautiful craft! Lovely photos to document the process.

    Erika B

  10. Oh I love making and decorating with those paper flowers. Gorgeous!

  11. Super sweet shots! I remember making these as a kid...Emily would enjoy making them too. Thanks!
    Enjoy your day!

  12. These blooms would be pollen free for JDaniel. We will need to make some.

  13. How lucky you are to have grown a crafter!!! She is very artistic....I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

  14. Oh how pretty! And don't feel bad. As a Baby boomer, flirting with my senior status, I deal with the same thing with cooking (all three of my kids got that gene WAY better than me), gardening (so far, 1 kid, and some grandchildren showing great interest), and sewing (all three kids again). But I am still, mostly, the go-to computer geek in the family and do have lots of fun with the EASY crafts for kids and seniors. :) Thanks for a fun visit for Sweet Shot Tuesday!

  15. How neat is that! Incredibly creative. Nicely done and presented.

    Here's my Sweet Shot for the week:

  16. OH how exciting! I do understand completely but from the other side of the "gene". I am the crafter, baker, candle-stick maker "martha-esque" one in our family and I dreamed of having children to craft with me. Well I do have children but they do not have the love of crafting. HOwever I do have a musician who makes my heart sing when he comes to me with a new composition, and an athlete/intellect who amazes me with his prowess both physically and mentally and a chatterbox/comedian who fills my mind with tidbits of minutiae and humor. So even if I do craft alone I am so thankful for my three not-so-marthaesque guys who complete my heart!

  17. OH I almost forgot... she did good! I love those flowers! They are so much FUN to make!!!

  18. Oh very cool. I have a crafty daughter. I may turn her loose with the computer and some tissue paper and see what she ends up with.

  19. Wow. I'm impressed!

    Wish my daughter had inherited that gene from somewhere. (It surely wouldn't have come from me...)


  20. She's as beautiful as the pink pom pom she crafted! Just lovely..

  21. ahhh that gene skipped me too!

    she is really good at that :-D they are beautifuL!

  22. Well I have to admit that this post almost made me run for the hills. You see my daughter just got married and I made a zillion rose balls out of crepe paper for centerpieces. Oh they were fabulous but SOOOO time consuming and I got alot of hot glue gun burns - so the site of tissue being turned into a flower....

    BUT having been through that experience just recently I must say that i am loving these big tissue flowers that your daughter has created - She is a great crafter and you will be so happy when it is time for HER to get married!!

  23. We LOVE making paper flowers here too ... my youngest is in awe of the size of this one.
    She now wants one too!

  24. I don't know why you think it skipped a generation! You are creative and artistic with your camera!

  25. okay, so i read this last night on my phone at like 3am when i couldn't sleep (gotta love the last trimester) and i was so touched by *something* and had this great comment i wanted to leave so i saved it for this morning and now...
    yeah, i can't remember. just, ummm...she's beautiful, lovely pompom, sweet daughter/mommy relationship...hormones hormones hormones.
    that is all. :o)

  26. My mother calls me her "Martha!" I recently made these poms for a bridal shower with matching paper bunting...they were a hit! You can make them with pointed edges as well and they look like giant dahlias. Have a great weekend!

  27. Your daughter and the paper flower are beautiful! What a neat idea. I'd like to give this a try, but now my dds no longer live at home, who would enjoy this paper project other than myself? My dh would think it's sweet and my ds would tolerate his mama dabbling in yet another craft project. I sure do miss having my dds at home!

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Check out…
    This is Your Wake Up Call – It’s Monday

  28. lol. Not so crafty here either. It made for fab photo ops though. Bravo.


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