Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Zigging And Zagging

My Kids are weird.
I thought it was important for you to know that.

If anyone were to try and live inside my head for a few hours,
they would be very tired, possibly dizzy and likely be feeling some form of motion sickness.

The deer are back!
The deer are back!
Go ahead, there's a video.  You know you want to! 
And just ignore that little thing about coffee.  

In this head, thoughts zig and zag from one unrelated topic to another at
a frenzied pace.

So with that in mind here is a random post today courtesy of my moth to light tendencies.

Life has changed drastically for me over the past two months.
I began working outside of the Bungalow.
Instead of piles of laundry,
I now deal with piles of files.

It is only until the end of April.
I am helping the receptionist during tax season at a local Accounting firm.

Can I just say I have happened upon one of the nicest group of people I have ever encountered.
Coworkers who are still happy and kind even during a busy stressful tax season.
And it appears they all like each other too.

I've been trying to figure out what they are putting in the coffee as I'm sure there must be some secret ingredient I am unaware of.

And yes.  
I began drinking coffee again.
With cream.

As you may recall however I ended my love affair with sugar back on Feb 16th.
I am proud to say, save an unfortunate run in with some peanut M&M's back in San Diego, I have kept my promise.
Once I really started to think about my tendencies,
I realized bread, noodles and  rice would have to go too.

It has been an experiment that has been quite successful.
Even when I have to look at these all day long.  I am not tempted.
Well not much anyway.

This has become an almost twice daily occurrence.
The Agronomist has stated I have eaten more fruits and vegetables in the past two months
than in the whole time he's known me.
I will have to tell you more about it when I am more focused. 
ha... see... I made a little joke there.

I also had a few requests to see the other items we discovered at Value Village.
Eldest of course found her dreamy, filmy evening gown, which you can see HERE in colour.

along with a pair of red shoes, she just HAD to have.
She's already worn them twice, so I guess the six dollars were well worth it.

Middlest found a pair of cowboy boots to wear with all her summer dresses.
She always loves kicking up her heels, that one.
Unfortunately Youngest didn't have any luck.

My fun find was a short vintage looking jacket.
A jacket I could imagine Joan, from my favourite show Mad Men, wearing.
I tried to work my best sixties vibe and find my inner Jackie O,
but it seemed to be missing something.

So with a little Picnik 1960's preset,
I feel as though I am ready to star in the next season of Mad Men.

Here's to Zigging and Zagging,

It's how I roll at Bungalow'56!


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  1. Loving your Jackie O look and fully relate to a head that is all over the show :-)

    Am looking at getting back into the regular workforce myself.....decisions, decisions!

  2. Such a cute jacket.

    And the evening dress on your eldest is dreamy!


  3. I loved rolling zig zag too lol j/k you look sharp in that coat .

  4. ...but you wouldn't change a thing would you?! ;)

  5. My zig zag comments:
    Super cute jacket- you look great!
    Your girls are so photogenic!
    Your salad looks amazing! I want one!
    Nice co workers make going to work so much easier!

  6. Loved it all.

    Question: I've always wondered this...when you say 'cream' in your coffee, do you mean milk or actual cream? We don't use the term here in I'm curious!

  7. You found some wonderful pieces! How great to work with happy people.

  8. I zig and zag too, dana - trouble is, I never seem to remember where I was just one zig earlier ... sigh ...

    As for mad men - hello? how could I not have known this about you, I am such a fan ... love love love that show! you've no doubt heard about the contract dispute between the creator/exec producer vs AMC network - production now so delayed that early 2012 is the soonest we can hope for?! Say it ain't so!

  9. Very nice fashions.
    Uhg. I was going to say something else, but I am having a zig-zag of my own. Argh.

    Oh! That salad looks delicious!

  10. dana... that coat is amazingly cute :) i want one! i want a value village too :)
    good job with no sugar. i am on day 16 of no sugar and i've lost 9.5 pounds :) yay us!

  11. Love this. I often find myself zigging and zagging. Your daughter's pics are priceless. And yah for temp jobs with great folks to hang with. Btw, you are rockin the 60's. Thanks for linkin up lady.

  12. Oh what a brilliant post - I felt a little all over the place with you ;-) LOVE your kids photos at the beginning!


  13. Your hair is so cute! I love it :)

  14. I loved zigging and zagging along with you!

  15. You are so dang cute. So happy you are drinking coffee again. I was worried if our friendship could last without it.

  16. Wow! That was like an amusement ride as I zigged and zagged right along with you through you post! Love your vintage jacket. I found one at a consignment shop with large brown polka-dots. I never fail to get all kinds of positive comments when I wear it. I love thrift store finds!

  17. Looking good, Dana! You'll be ready for that northern Canada swimsuit season in no time!

  18. Tell us how the job came to you??

  19. :ovong the zagging. Your girls look like a load of fun!
    I love your green jacket. So cute!

  20. Wow, you are busy at Bungalow 56...
    Also love the red shoes.
    As for your kids being weird, she's very pretty in her weirdness though.

  21. That's great that you're enjoying working! I bet it will end up lasting past the end of April.

  22. Dana! You are just incredible. I love how busy and joyous your life is. Love the short jacket! And the shoes! And the M&M confession!

    Thanks for participating in this round of A-T! I always smile with delight when the link opens to your blog!



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