Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Magical Mothering Wand

Some days I feel like all my kids ever do is spend their time in front of a screen.
And no we do not have a TV that is hooked up.

Despite this fact, our family became addicted to American Idol this past season.
These past ten weeks it was a two night a week popcornfest commitment.

How did we do this without cable or satellite?
We are a resilient bunch and watched the episodes one day later on the internet.

It snuck up on us.  This screen time.
"Eldest can you find a recipe on all for yada yada yada?"
"Youngest check the weather for tomorrow will you!"
"Middlest, turn on itunes, lets listen to some music."
Plus, Moshi Monsters for the younger two and Facebook for eldest is always
calling out their name.

Sometimes I wonder if they even know what it is to be creative anymore?
And I worry about what they would do with themselves if all of a sudden the world became screen-less?

And then there are some days when I wonder if they will ever get along?
I wonder if they will ever be able to spend time just enjoying each other's company; 
instead of teasing each other and whining about what the other is doing or saying?

It starts to drive me crazy.
And I wonder what I've done wrong?
Where did I miss the magical mothering wand that makes your children to get along?

And just when I think I can't take it any longer.
That I might have to send them off to Great Aunt Theresa;
because I'm at my wits end, and I just don't know what to do anymore...

They decide to have a little fun with good old mum.
They set out to confuse me.
They decide to turn my world on it's axis.

They very stealthily, very sneakily...
go outside and work for over an hour... quietly and happily.
With eachother
Without a screen in sight.
No whining or belly aching about what she did and what she said.

And instead...
they draw this...


Working cooperatively.


And I am at Peace.
And I am thinking maybe we'll get through these next few years.
And I realize I'm not really interested in sending them off anywhere.

And maybe, just maybe,  it's OK to watch American Idol.

As long as... we have a bucket of chalk too.


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  1. That is gorgeous. I love it.

    Also, AI is a slippery slope - now we watch DWTS too. Stop the madness. xo

  2. JDaniel can surprise me too. What a wonderful thing it is when they find something quiet and fun to do on their own.

  3. When mine get quiet...they are usually making a big mess. Glad to see the creative finished product. Screenless? Maybe we will have to try that for a few days this summer. I think it would do wonders for us all.

  4. Just the other day I watched as my neighbor drew a chalk line around his preschool daughter's body as she laid on his cement driveway.

    That took me back to the years when I did the same for my kids, when they spent hours creating sidewalk art.

    Yes, treasure these years, for all too soon your beautiful girls will be all grown up and gone, just like mine.

  5. These were lovely shots and words. As mothers, don't we always worry and wonder whether we are doing it right. I suppose every generation does. It doesn't lessen even when they are gone and creating their own lives. The cycle continues.

  6. Time to break out the chalk around here. It is actually sunny. I think we are all a little stir crazy from a week of rain. And that includes me. I may join in if I could just figure out a way to get myself up off the sidewalk when I'm done drawing. :v)

  7. Love it! They did a fabulous job!!

  8. How fun! And what sweet Shots for Tuesday. Thanks for a delightful visit.

  9. Hurray for cooperative chalk drawings!


  10. Those are great! We are out of the sidewalk chalk phase, but I think I'm going to be buying some in the near future and sending the big kids out to do some driveway redecorating. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. I love the chalk art!

    I look forward to the day when my girls can play together for an hour or so without bickering or whining. Right now as soon as they are quiet for a few minutes I have to go check because it generally means trouble. :)

  12. Oh how neat. Your girls are really talented! Beautiful too.

  13. I can so relate to this! Just this week my two got along for several hours. Really had me perplexed. But this art work they did together is amazing. Guess we just shouldn't give up hope. lol.

  14. That's a masterpiece! The photographs of their chalk-art project are wonderful as well.

    I love this post and I really relate to it as well. My kids confuse me this past weekend by flying kites together in our yard. I love it!

  15. I love the way you write - this is a great message.

    And your girls do pretty darn good chalk artwork too :-D

  16. Great chalk art! And beautiful shots!

    Love the way you write :)

  17. Beautiful drawings, and beautifully captured!

  18. such a happy ending, dana!! i love this story - savor the moment, friend ;-)

  19. MMMhmm..

    you got the right idea, mama.

    We don't have cable...if we want to something, we have to deliberately hulu it.

    WHich is fine by me...

  20. This is GREAT! Your little gals are so creative... sidewalk chalk saves the day!!! It does that a lot in these parts too ;D Hugs!

  21. That is so perfectly lovely!
    You're definitely doing something right. :)

  22. Your girls don't always get along? You are shattering my world here. (Gorgeous photos as always)


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