Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Agronomist...

Sometimes when a man lives in a house full of four women.
He might find himself surrounded by things less manly.
Decor and items that tend to the feminine side.

As the girl's decided to decorate for Father's Day,
it was apparent that manly choices were far and few between at the Bungalow.
But being a resilient bunch,
they decided to work with what they had.
Damask and The Agronomist?
Somehow they would find a way to make it work.

First a design was created.
Only a few creative differences surfaced.
What could possibly incorporate our meagre masculine craft supplies?
Finally the template was agreed upon by all three designers.

The Bungalow women decided that the banner tradition needed to continue.
The Agronimst deserved it.
Seeing as how he had to endure many hardships this past year...
Beginning with the disappearance of his wife and continuing into 
the mass destruction of his man cave the basement.

It takes a very special man to continue to live under a roof with four hormonal  Happy Women.
All the while maintaining his masculine hunky self confidence.

I don't think the girls realize that not all daughters feel comfortable
talking about the awesomeness of smooth shaved legs and new hairstyles they would like to try, 
as just a few examples of the topics you are required to listen to on a daily basis.

Dear Agronomist,
Even though 18 years ago, you may not have envisioned this life you now lead.
We womenfolk here at the Bungalow would like to say we for one feel extremely blessed to have you as our husband and father.
Your Girls. (one who ahem happens to be a little old to actually be referred to as a "girl" but due to her being the writer of said blog feels it is OK to take some poetic license when necessary.)

In line with the Banner Tradition you can find here and here at Bungalow'56,

We hope you know this is just a small token of our love and admiration for you. 

And thankfully Youngest in her wisdom, understood what might be a little more appropriate for the day.

While life may not always be a bowl of cherries having to be The Agronomist 
in the Bungalow of what I'm sure sometimes feels like "56" women....

We thought it was important for you to know WE THINK YOU ARE AWESOME!



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  1. Love your banner! Sounds like life at Bungalow 56 is a hoot! Lucky guy {and lucky girls}

  2. Love the banner! So creative!

    And the youngests card and smile . . . Priceless!

  3. I think this POST is awesome!

    What a lucky guy he is. And it sounds like all of you "girls" are lucky, too...


  4. The banners is great and your words are wonderful.

  5. Great banner! And The Youngest card is awesome. I hope your husband has a great day.

  6. love the banner, but man that 'best dad i ever saw' card sure steals my heart ... what a lucky daddy indeed!!

  7. Oh that banner is perfect. I need Jed to read this post. He is struggling with four girls right now and has a long road ahead of him...he has started insulating the garage and is considering plumbing out there.

  8. Wonderfully creative! He is one lucky guy!

  9. Oh, the memory of how you took the time and love to do all this.

    That's what shows on the banner.

    How wonderful.

    So wonderful.

  10. This is all so awesomely awesome. The banner. Your words. The humor. The love. All of it. What a wonderful Father's Day gift to The Agronomist from his creative girls, all four of them.

  11. What an awesome post and creative idea!
    Your husband is a blessed man no doubt! :)


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