Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Are Your Pants Getting Loose?

Some days my kids get something in their head and they just can't shake it.
It usually starts with Mom.... can we....?
And I say no.

Then they come back with...
we promise not to.....
And I say no.

They finally wait for a quiet moment while I'm, let's say, reading a blog.

And they say, Mom you sure do have pretty eyes.
And I say, mmm hmmm thank you.

And they say, Mom are your pants getting loose?
And I say, mmm hmmm a little.

And they say, Mom can we empty the dishwasher for you?
And I say, mmm hmmm of course.

And then they say, Mom can we....?
And I say.... mmm hmmm maybe.

And then they start shrieking and yelling MOM said Yes!  Mom said YES!
And I say what?  Mom said what?

Then they tackle me and give me a big group hug,
and I make a mental note to stop reading blogs.

And then I wonder why I said no to begin with?

Because usually?

It turns out to be a lot of fun.


PS This was post alternatively titled " How To Get Your Kids To Eat Fruit"

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  1. Oh, sweet days of summer apple dunking!

  2. Love this...just say yes more often!

  3. Delightful post!


  4. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    Love it!

  5. Livin' LARGE, woman.

    That's what you're doing.

    I love it.

  6. Oh, the cunning of kids :)

  7. What lovely pictures and a fun post indeed! The kids will get you when you least expect it!

  8. The kids are really extremely clever... that's a great way to get mummy to go along with what they have planned to do.

  9. How flattering from the children & how clever from you about the fruit!

  10. This is so funny and so true! And, a way to get the kids to wash their cute little faces! :)

    Visiting you from Alphabe Thursday. :)

  11. I love both titles! What fun!

  12. Smart kids! Looks like lots of fun at your place, though.

  13. You have a bunch of smart kiddos, but you know kids are cracker jacks and can get their moms t cave a lot of times. If they are persistent, but aren't you glad? I mean, that's when you have some of the best times with your kiddos. =D

    Visiting via Alphabe-Thursday....

    Come by to read…
    L is for the way you LOOK at me

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  14. Totally adorable post!

    Love this!


    It looks like your pants are really getting loose!


    Thanks for linking and thanks for the smile.


  15. cute post - great fruit idea! {:-Deb

  16. The pants getting loose was really brilliant on their part!!!

  17. Ain't that the truth. Why do we sometimes just see the work and the mess, not the fun. And that looks fun!

  18. looks like fun and they eat their fruit. it probably won't work with brussel sprouts.

    have a lovely day.

  19. A really fun post! We usually associate bobbing for apples with Fall and looks like a warm summer day makes a lot more sense! Love kids creativity!!!

  20. amazing shots.
    what fun.

  21. That sure does look like a lot of fun! :)


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