Friday, August 05, 2011

Project Baby: Week 24

Dalyce edit week 24
If you haven't been following along with Bungalow'56's "Project Baby."
Just click on the posts for  Week 20 and Week 22, or continue scrolling down.

This little one just keeps on growing.
And Mama is looking great isn't she?
Week 24 and she's still wearing her regular jeans!

Dalyce Edit
I'm so happy we are following along with Mrs. D,
this virtual blogging pregnancy is the best kind.

Most importantly, because now... I too can pretend
that I once wore regular jeans into my sixth month.
That n.e.v.e.r. happened during my "other" pregnancies! 
Yay me!

So here is a little recap of week 20 and week 22 below:
Edit 2
Dalyce Week 20 Edit
Have a wonderful week.
I'm going to be keeping busy.
For some strange reason... I feel a strong need to go buy some cool jeans.

And no, they will not be of the stretchy stomach band variety.
That's the beauty of a virtual blogging pregnancy : )

Looking forward to Week 26.
I think I may be eating a lot of ice cream over the next two weeks.

That just always seem to happen during my third (virtual) trimester...


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  1. Virtual pregnancy! Now why hadn't they invented that when I was younger... although I do love my children dearly and would not want them to become virtual offspring!

    I popped by from Jenny's blog :-)

  2. Your virtual pregancy is sure going too be a lot easier on your body. Great pictures.

  3. I've never heard of a virtual pregnancy, but best wishes anyway.

  4. what a sweet tribe, bless the mother and the baby.


  5. Hello.
    I'm visiting from Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday.

    "Virtual Pregnancy"? That's a new one to me too.

    The photos are great and "virtual" mama looks so happy.

    Best wishes.

    I'm here:
    Pages Of Love

  6. Congratulations to Mrs. D. and how wonderful that you are able to be a part of an exciting event through your beautiful photos!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you for stopping by my post about our son's parachute jump. Yes, there were sooo many more amazing photos and a video too. They had a videographer jump with each one that wanted to capture the moments...I'm so glad our son chose to do that for this first jump...and although I wasnt too keen on him doing it...after learning that his girlfriend's grandma was doing it for the second time with them...I did feel "better" about it all! haha

  7. Sometimes all it takes is a great friend and artist to get you out of the blahs. Thanks Dana for being so talented!

  8. This is wonderful. Gosh, 6 months and regular jeans...seriously impressive!

  9. What a happy time - the big sister is so sweet!

  10. I wasn't even wearing regular jeans in my third month!


  11. LOVE that sunflare!!! Oh....and I NEVER wore regular jeans that long for any of mine either!!! WOW!!!

  12. What a really cool pic! I know she is loving this!


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