Monday, September 19, 2011

I Heart Faces: A Touch Of Sun

Middlest has... how can I say this?
Come into her own?

 She is figuring out her style.

And doing it with panache I might add.

It is fun to see who she is becoming.

We had a photo shoot just as the sun was going down.

We were both very happy with the pictures.

And it just so happens that I Heart Faces, (a photography website)
is having a weekly photo challenge that is entitled "A Touch Of Sun."

I could sure use some help in deciding which photo to enter.
If you are a regular reader of my blog,
I know you may find this really hard to believe, but...
I can't decide.

Do you have a favourite?

As her mother it's hard to be objective.
And recently... I've lost my decision making confidence.
I think it may have something to do with flooring.

Plus, I sort of like them all : )
But maybe this one just  a little bit more.

Isabelle Sunkissed
And if I was forced to pick one.  
I think this might be it...

Tomorrow is the deadline for entering.
I'll have to decide by then.
I'm counting on the expert eyes of all my bloggy friends 
and the Sweet Shot Tuesday Photographers.
Because with my track record in picking tile and laminate lately...
I know I will need some help.

I'm looking forward to checking out some of the other entries on this wildly popular blog. There's already about 500 images uploaded!  Not to mention the always wonderful entries into Sweet Shot Tuesday at My3Boybarians.

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  1. Either the very first one or the very last one.

    But I love them all!

  2. Good luck choosing! All of these are great and she definitely has a flare for style! My favorite is the profile with the sun behind her, but I never can choose myself.

  3. Can't you enter them all : )
    If I HAD to choose one, and it's supposed to be faces with a touch of sun, I'd go with the third polka dot shirt one - side profile facing left with the sun behind her head. I love the feeling of the light in that set.
    Your daughter has a beautiful sense of style and they are all gorgeous pictures.
    Good luck!

  4. I have not been on your blog for ever - so nice to be back. Stunning pictures. And your middlest in starting to really show some big hints at the gorgeous adult she is going to be. Missed u.

  5. I like them all, Dana. Your choice is a good one. I also like the first one of her seated, profile.

  6. Gorgeous girl...beautiful shots. I heart #8.

  7. love your choice, the last one - it's the bokeh on that one that steals my heart ... but fyi, I also love the one above it, 2nd to last where she's giving you the 'guns' ... FABULOUS SHOTS, DANA!!

  8. Yes, that last one is the one I would pick! She is gorgeous, and these photos are amazing.

  9. Oh my, these are gorgeous! But I have to agree with you - there's just something about the last one. You should enter that one. Good luck!!

  10. morleyfamilySeptember 20, 2011

    They are all beautiful, but I like #7 and #12 the best. If I were to choose just one I would go with #12, the last one. Your 1st instinct is always the right one!

  11. Oh I love the backlit with her all dressed up sitting on the rock looking at you. She's beautiful and the light is luscious! :) Great photos. :)

  12. Oh my gosh.

    So, you're asking 2 separate questions here, right?

    I mean, if the contest is called "a touch of sun" that's what they want the focus to be...right? Then you can't go just for the best photo.

    Best photo clearly dif from the one that shouts "touch of sun."

    #8 shouts touch of sun but that last one?

    HO MY GOD, it just says beautiful.

    Good luck.

  13. I'm with you - the last shot. S T U N N I N G

    To Middlest - "quit it...just, quit it" (your Mother, and all others out there, will understand what I mean)

  14. The last one, for sure! Beautiful.

  15. She is so stunning...but then that is no surprise. They are all beautiful, but go with the last one. I wish I had her style - Middlest rocks the fashion!

  16. She is such a fashion plate, Dana! Simply beautiful! These pix are all so totally worthy of entering, so I can see your dilemma. I think your last choice pairs the sun and your Middlest splendidly...It screams a touch of sun. Either way you go, you two are winners!

  17. I hope you picked the last one!

  18. Yikes! How would you even be able to choose. My computer at work won't let me see the last one, so I am choosing the first one and the finger gun one. Love them.

  19. What a very cool girl!

    I like the second to the last one even better.


  20. I know I'm totally behind and haven't been around much lately but I had to tell you these are just gorgeous! Just in the last year your photography has improved so much and I just love that you are pursuing your passion!


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