Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Industrial It Is! A Basement Reno Update

It is looking so amazing!
Here is a peek... but first things first.
Thank You Mr. Agronomist.
You have been working every single weekend since the beginning of July.
Having to jack hammer out cement for three weekends instead of the expected one...
Patiently painting every single inch of this 1400 square foot basement, 
and most recently putting together 22 cabinets for an office, laundry room and kitchen.
You are my renovating hero.

And Tony....
all we can say is we feel blessed to have such a conscientious, speedy, carpenter, electrician, plumber, dry waller, painter, and cabinet maker; 
A true craftsman, to help bring this "recently clarified vision," to life. 
If I could just show in person, for realz, how perfect everything is... 
the pictures don't do Tony's work justice.
Yay Tony!  (he's booked up until March... in case anyone was wondering).
And The Agronomist?... he won't be available until he's finished "Post traumatic renovation stress syndrome" therapy.

My new antique pine laminate flooring, 
along with the tile which will become the hearth for the fireplace.

Interior doors for the bathroom and Eldest's bedroom

The stained glass has been installed.

This view is helping me to make "final finishing decisions."
I've written that in, strictly so that The Agronomist and Tony can have a good eye roll.
These days, they are beyond laughing.

As I've made mistakes decisions,  
I tried to somehow make everything make sense as a whole.
I realize as it's coming together, 
I've been leaning more to Industrial Vintage than Mid Century modern, which is fine.
I just didn't get it until I saw the stained glass installed, looking into the bathroom.

This light fixture will be changed.
It will find a home in the upstairs hallway along with two others, 
where I think my mid century look will have a better chance of coming to life.

Tony is ready to install the handrail!
I love my handrail.
Is it wrong to love a handrail?

I was going to just put more subway tile in between the mirror and vanity, 
but something about it bugged me.
So... I'm thinking the carrera marble might be a way to switch it up a bit.
Any opinions out there on this?
Plus now I don't know if I should use white grout or the same grey I used with the subway tile?
I'm leaning to grey.
It's been keeping me up at night.

Here's a second look, along with our new faucet.
It's just lovely.
The sink bowl is very shallow, and the water will never splash out.
I kind of feel like a pioneer using it.
Doesn't it look like an old water pump?

And it's the perfect water fountain too!

Here's the half mortared wall and unfinished stairs.
That door on the left?  
It opens into the laundry room, and is actually a glass door we have to paint.

And beside it is another stained glass.
Tony installed a light behind it, 
and at night it looks so warm and pretty.

I happen to love green, 
and also have a 50's green formica table for the craft/kitchen area.
I plan to use the door into the storage room under the stairs 
as a blackboard with the casing acting as the wood frame around it.
I'm using the photo above as my inspiration:

Now, I'm just trying to figure out the fireplace.
And it is driving me crazy.
A brick one to match the painted wall has been suggested.
The girls and The Agronomist quite like the wall unpainted, 
so I'm not sure what we will do.

And while I love the idea of a painted brick wall down the stairs,
I grew up with a white painted brick fireplace with shiny square black tiles across a raised hearth.
The fireplace along with the gold green wall to wall carpet and loud Paisley couches...
Well, I just keep having flashbacks to the decor of my youth....

I may need therapy.


There is so much happening this week:  fireplace, cabinets, doors, flooring, laundry room.
The Bungalow'56 Basement Reno Week 
Has Begun.
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  1. Dana,
    It may be wrong to love a hand rail, but it's not wrong to love that shower! Wow. That's fabulous.

    I wouldn't paint the brick. I love it the way it is. And the title Industrial Vintage is beautiful. Can't wait to see everything! The laundry, the bedroom, everything!

  2. WOW, can't wait to see the rest!!! Love the shower, LOVE, LOVE the stained glass and your handrail is divine!!

  3. I look forward to seeing what you have done each week.

  4. I love watching the progress on your basement and the evolution of decisions and decor. We have the same faucet in our downstairs bath. <3

  5. Loving it! Following along to see more!! :) I just shared my vintage bathroom remodel - stop by and take a look if you would like! :)

  6. Oh, leave the brick.


    It looks beautiful.

  7. I really love the bathroom faucet! Such a cool look.


  8. Wow. I love everything. I see a Design Star try out in your future!

    Do you like the stacked wood fireplaces? Or the burnished copper facades?

  9. Dana, it is sooooo fabulous! I am loving the direction of the whole space. LOVE, love, LOVE, love, LOVE your basement. You will need to have a party to christen the space!

    I love the brick wall as-is. It warms up the space, gives it that rustic vintage feel. As for bathroom sink backsplash, I love the marble. Whatever grout you are using for the shower, you should use for the backsplash!
    Can't wait to see it all done!

  10. Love the faucet. I picked out the same one for my bathroom and I still adore it. I think that small carrara marble tile will look super between the mirror and the sink. I would stick with the same grey grout you used in that fantastic shower you guys made. It is looking just gorgeous.

  11. Wow, it looks amazing! I love the stained glass window! And the handrail! And the subway tile in the shower. Wow, our basement is a hot mess...seeing this gives me hope for its future. As for the tile, I love the smaller white ones for the back splash and I'm with you on using grey grout like you used with the subway tile. I think it will just tie in so nicely together, while keeping it varied enough to make it interesting & elegant. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!


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