Monday, September 19, 2011

I Lied To You Honey

Remember when I told you the Laundry room was going a little Las Vegas?
Well in the words of the Eurythmics...
I lied to you honey.

I mean, I didn't lie on purpose.
When I wrote Wednesday's post... I believed it to be true.
Just look at those shimmery glass tiles... Aren't they fun and pretty?

I have to be honest... I do have some Magpie tendencies;
And this glass tile in the bargain pile caught my eye.
It just couldn't be ignored.

But when I showed the girls?
Their response was a little less than enthusiastic.

They looked at it one way, and then another.
And then they spoke these words...

They. are. the. Colour. of. Poo.

And once those words were spoken, I knew...
I would never look at my Las Vegas tiles the same way, ever again.

So I lied. 
I am not going to be doing any Las Vegas Laundry.

And I suppose... this might be the time... I should also come clean on the laminate too.
The Touraine Hickory you see up above.
Well... umm. 
The sample above has been sent back.
I now have new laminate.

...It's a long story.
So while I'm explaining why I am now on laminate choice number 3.
I'll let you watch while I lay out different tile patterns, 
as Tony kind of likes me to know these things.

It just so happens the laminate I chose;
which was supposed to be stocked by the store,
wasn't available.
Really not available.
I wouldn't be seeing any Hickory anywhere until October 9th.

If you didn't realize it yet.
Tony just happens to be in high demand.
He has places to go, and people to see.
We needed laminate and we needed it soon.

So with some crazed searching,
I am now the proud owner of 56 boxes of rustic pine laminate.
To be honest, it is the best one yet.
It was meant to be.

I'm hoping the same thing will happen with the "poo" tile debacle.
Wish me luck.
I'm having a Decor Style crisis.

My kitschy retro fifties self is duking it out with my mid century modern self, 
whilst my Industrial self is giving them both the cold shoulder.  
Plus, Miss. Schoolhouse Vintage is peeking around the corner laughing at us all, 
while my Tom Jones Vegas self just got kicked to the curb.

Identity crisis to the max people.
I'm not sure there is an end to it all;
regardless, Tony shows up every morning rain or shine, and decisions have to be made.

Lord help us all.

PS  Deep down you do know that I love every single minute of making my house a home : )

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  1. Sorry about the tiles! I thought they looked like fun!

  2. This is going to be gorgeous. Also thank your dd's for kicking Vegas to the curb baby.

  3. I liked 'em. Maybe I just miss having a grandbabies diaper to change, though. mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Actually I don't see poo in the colors. I see the sonoran sunset...

    So there.


  5. OMG!!!!

  6. Poo, huh?

    Well, maybe...If you'd been eating rainbows.

  7. Well, I guess we will have to see what you pick now. Why not some subway tile? Cheap yet looks fabulous. MIss Schoolhouse Vintage would approve.

    As for tile layout, I like #2!

  8. hard work but so exciting! can't wait to see this space finished.. and I like style #2 as well :)
    (first time visiting, you are hilarious!)

  9. dana, this is absolutely hilarious - but once the kids let the 'poo' comment out of the bag, it can't ever be seen otherwise! sorry for the setback :(


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