Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Las Vegas Laundry: The Basement Has Some Bling! (and a brick wall reveal)

The Agronomist is out of town.
So I made some decisions.
We have been looking for flooring for the Laundry Room for awhile.
We don't want to spend a lot of money on it,
but at the same time I want to enjoy being in there, albeit briefly : )

So I went on a hunt for some deals.
And I found them!
I was having a Las Vegas moment,
and decided these glass tiles were going to add the energy that
I always seem to lack when in the Laundry Room!

I found the flooring tiles (which are not shown)... are you ready?
for .99 a square foot. They are a light grey with a hint of the yellow,
so they work nicely together with these glass tiles.
If there had been enough I would have definitely considered these for the floor.

These glass tiles was regular $5000 a square foot
(OK I can't remember exactly but it was mucho moolah)
and I got them for .99 a sheet.
The deal was... I had to take everything they had and I couldn't bring it back.
It just so happens, Tony will have enough to do either the countertops or the backsplash.
I will decide that later.

Regardless, during the day I will have a wonderful ochre sheen
that will tie in wonderfully with my new Touraine Hickory laminate.

And at night?

It's Las Vegas Laundry baby!

Hmm... I think I just heard someone yell Jackpot off in the distance...

And now for a little reveal:
The brick wall is done.
The brick veneers look so real.
They turned out far better than I had hoped.

Tony did a fabulous job of trying to make it look like an old wall that was uncovered fifty years later.

Oops... pretend you didn't read that.
I promised Tony I wouldn't tell anyone he had anything to do with that wall.
Much to his chagrin, I told him it was too good.
Despite many"Oh Dana's"...
I requested that he do his absolute worse.
And then when he thought he had it, I asked for it to be,"just a little more crooked please."

He needed some training in the art of sloppy, messy masonry.
But he's a darn quick learner, and it turned out great!

I hope he's feeling OK,
with all the head shaking he's been doing over the past few months;
I'm a little worried about the possibility of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Can you get that in your neck?
I better google it before I mention it to Tony.

Now if Tony is feeling up to it, the next step is a messy mortar job.
He's taking a break from the wall to lay our laundry floor.
He needed time to regroup.
With some white paint,  I'll hopefully end up with something like this:

Without the cool furniture, the cool artwork, the pottery still life
and the funky little Eames rocker of course.

Focus on the white painted brick.. isn't is beautiful?


UPDATE:  The Las Vegas Laundry Room II

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  1. This is turning out to be one fabulous basement. I love the Vegas style tiles too!

  2. Bling indeed. I'm so jealous. Who am I kidding? You would never see the countertop or floor for that matter in my laundry room.

  3. The brick wall looks amazing!

    I'm loving your las vegas tile. Very cool.

  4. I like the idea of a Vegas laundry!

  5. That will look like a ball room !

  6. It will be one of the grooviest rooms around. I love the flooring!

  7. I would love to feel a little Vegas-y in my laundry room. Big money, big money! =>

  8. What a fun place to do laundry you will have! What a great deal on the tile!

  9. I'd like to do the brick look in our breakfast room too. Great idea.

  10. I love the brick wall! I would leave it unpainted, but that's just me! Your basement is going to be fabulous!

  11. Those glass tiles are kinda fun!

    Bold move.


  12. So copying the brick. So copying the brick. Love the bling, and here's the link for that shelf you asked about at IKEA
    I'll let you copy me a little . . . :)

  13. Those tiles have a sheen of colour which will brighten up any laundry room.

    I do love the white brick wall :)

  14. Dana, that was me yelling "JACKPOT!!" Those tiles are just fabulous!! WAAAAAAA! I want some!!!!

  15. Dana, it's looking fantastic. fun to follow the progress!

  16. great looking basement - have fun with the glass tile! Can't wait to see it down! {:-D

  17. What a deal! Hey, I love Vegas ... but I've never done laundry there. There's a first time for everything, I guess.

    Here's a bit of trivia for you. Tell Tony that the reason interior brick walls are a bit messy and 'off' is that the bricks the masons used for them were the 'seconds'. They used the sturdiest, prettiest ones for the outside of the house, and the ugly ones for the inside because they were going to be covered with plaster anyway.

    Your basement is coming along great!

  18. That is the prettiest! Where ever did you find it??? :)

  19. Ohhhhh! That basement is gonna be awesome!!!!!
    Funny picture taking experience! I bet those pics are gorgeous. i love the background and the dress she chose!

  20. I love the idea of brick in the basement! We have done nothing in ours except for storing a bunch of junk! It looks beautiful!


  21. Dana! What a fabulous space! 99 cents a foot! What a steal! I love your tiles and everything else you're doing here. Amazing.

  22. WOW, artfully Vintage looking for sure! Have fun with it:)

  23. I LOVE the brick work. Las Vegas Laundry, makes me laugh. :) That tile is awesome!

  24. Wow, this is amazing, what a great job!! thanks for linking up to VIF! xo


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