Monday, September 12, 2011

Security Was Called...

Dalyce: Week 32
Firstly, isn't this just a great moment?  I'm so glad I caught it.
Taking these kinds of photos just makes me happy.
Now I have to tell the story behind it.

This was Week 32 of Project Baby, yes I know I haven't posted Week 30 or 28,
I just need to tell you this story now.... before I forget it.

Doesn't Mrs. D look stunning?
I told her about this space I had in mind for our next picture
and wondered if she might have a dress to wear for week 32.

She found one, and it was perfect.
The pictures turned out far better than I could have ever imagined.
One beautiful pose after another.

This shot was a little more candid than the others.
If you have ever had your picture taken by me,
you will know I spend a lot of time on my tummy.
I've also perfected many walrus seal maneuvers
to allow me to quickly move from my side to tummy to side
and sometimes I throw in a forward roll for good measure.  I kid.  sort of.

We had the whole huge space to ourselves, 
and as we were ending our photo shoot, while I was on my tummy, 
in my Sunday best, you know... a nice skirt and sweater set. 
I saw a white clothed individual out of the corner of my eye.

I looked up and she took a moment before she said, "oh, you're taking pictures?"
From the floor, I said, "Yes I am."
Seeing as she was obviously a security guard, I was worried she might ask us to leave.
She said she had been watching me from an upstairs balcony,
and didn't know what was happening.
She only saw a middle aged lady rolling around in a huge massive hall,
and somehow she did not see my camera.
And thinking about the space, I suspect, as she walked down the huge hall,
it was likely she saw only my flailing legs and skirt.

When I realized what I may have looked like,  I let her know I was perfectly OK,
that I wasn't suffering from any sort of seizure or anything.

I told her it must have looked odd,
and could only imagine what she must have been thinking.
Still on the floor, I announced loudly in my best security voice,  
"Woman down in auditorium, I repeat woman down!"

The security guard without a word, turned around and left.

It was funnier if you were there.
Just look at the photo of Mrs. D.
I took the picture just as I finished my announcement!

I think I'm going to call this photo "Belly Laugh."


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  1. 1. GORGEOUS photo.

    2. You are SO the kind of woman security gets called on. I can tell.

  2. This will have me laughing the rest of tonight. Really. My stomach already hurts. I can just imagine being in the room with you while talking to the security woman. Totally awesome. The photo is even more fabulous!

  3. That is a really neat pic!

    I chuckled, imagining you making a spectacle of yourself for the security people.


  4. beautiful photo but, the story of the rolling around is hilarious!!!!

  5. This moment makes me giggle every time I think of it:).

  6. That is certainly making my belly laugh!!!

    Beautiful photo!!

  7. SUCH a funny story! Love the photo. Linking over from Sweet shot tuesday

  8. Brilliant photo and a gorgeous story. Definitely call it "Belly Laugh".

  9. You're quite a talent, Dana! I've really been enjoying your photography!

  10. What fun! I love your response. The picture is awesome.

  11. LOL. What an awesome story! And I bet that security guard was just pretending not to laugh. :)

  12. dana!! it was really really great to see that you stopped by for a visit during after my flatline summer ;-) truly, it means a lot to know you're still hanging in there - thank you!! i haven't been here since your july post @ your eldest's group of hs friends - I loved that one and still think of it often ... but wow have you ever been busy since then ... the renovation, the photo sessions (seriously, your results are amazing!), and everything in between from teeth pulling to back-to-school - I loved getting caught up over here! anyway, thanks again - looking forward to my bloggy recovery period - 'cuz i'm back, baby!

  13. That picture is so sweet, tears are prickling my eyes right now.

    She will treasure it.

    I love your new life, Dana....I love it.

  14. Just please tell me you were wearing your unmentionables.

  15. Ha, that's funny! Great capture!

  16. Great shot! :) Her laugh looks so natural and carefree.

  17. hahaha! great story in this shot! I had lots of fun imagining the scene!
    And awesome picture, btw! love all the negative space you gave here!

  18. Wow! Love the photo but love the story behind it even more. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes.

  19. FULL ON LOL!!!!! That is so funny- GORGEOUS shot!!!

  20. Dana, you did it again. Great shot...

  21. i love this shot! it is so much fun :)

  22. Funny!!! And....what a great pic :)

  23. Oh this picture is just fantastic!!! And your stories.....I wish I could follow you around and laugh along with you!

  24. What an absolutely beautiful photograph and as you say, stunning subject. What a beautiful smile she has! ~ The belly story is also too funny!


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