Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WW: Nerdometer

If you were wondering about this picture yesterday, 
don't worry I'm not allowing any hair dying...yet.
Along with ~ no piercing and tattoos.

Instead, some serious Halloween planning has been going on.
Middlest started perusing Pinterest for ideas a few weeks back,
and found this:
It suited her to a T! 
She's the only one with the legs to pull off pink tights... well her and The Agronomist.
ahem...they both have great legs.

Since then she's been doing some nightly painting.

And as is often the case here at Bungalow'56,

a few accessories were "desperately neeeded" to per-fect the costume.

She has been working on finding her inner nerd, 
and for some reason keeps asking "me" what to do?

I guess I should be happy that as always.... 
my girl's feel comfortable coming to me for guidance.

You know... for the really important stuff.

Now if you'll excuse me, 
I need to teach my daughter a thing or two 
about getting high ratings on the nerdometer.
Because as you can see, she is waaaay off course.
A photo taken from a post where I was.... channelling my inner... nerd.
Luckily for her, it just so happens, 
I have a great tutorial on how to be really nerdy on this post 
Of course it was from a time I would like to forget before my amazing transformation.

This is why I blog friends,

for these moments, 

when I can 

truly... truly... 

be there for my girls.

Over and out from Bungalow'56,
a place where nerds are held in exceedingly high esteem.


for Wordful Wednesday!

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  1. That's going to be a fantastic costume!!! You MUST post the finished product!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so stinkin' creative! And you know what? I still feel like a nerd on the inside. :)

  3. Whoot! I would fit right in with you all. ANd I am totally digging the costumes. She is adorable.

  4. I have to say... she totally pulls off the purple hair! She looks amazing!

  5. What a wonderful costume! They are going to have such fun trick or treating.

  6. That costume is going to be amazing! And yeah, she does need to fine-tune the whole 'nerd' thing. ;)

    Vibrant - and Goofy - Fall

  7. Your daughter (and her mother) are adorable.


  8. I need to go out immediately and buy myself a pair of those glasses you're wearing because if THAT'S a nerd?

    I wanna be it. (Or something like that.)

    Also, I kind of dig the pink wig. It's much better than the styles I whip up (on purpose) with much effort and a blow dryer and a straightening iron and a bit of profanity.

    Maybe when your girl is done being a nerd she could help me out???

    And also make Halloween costumes for my kids....

  9. Great costume!!!
    Totally love the idea, i can see my girls doing this in a few years.
    have a happy day dana

  10. That is awesome and impressively creative!

  11. Ha! Great model you have there and oh~so~creative. Also she looks cute with purple hair.

  12. Dana,

    Can't you do something with these photos?

    They're so amazing and fantastic.

    I wish I knew what to tell there a contest or something?



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