Monday, November 28, 2011

Belly Laugh

Week 32
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I just had to repost this picture today, as this weeks I Heart Faces theme is
"Bust A Gut."  

If you missed the original post, then 
and find out why Security was called during the photo shoot.

I like to call this photo

"Belly Laugh"

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  1. I just love this so very much!! Makes me happy:)

  2. I think she better not "bust a gut" too much harder!~ oh my goodness. Talk about a "belly laugh". for real....what a great photo. I love the simplicity...the gown she is wearing, and the wide open feeling of the room she was photographed in. :)

  3. I love this so much! She is beautiful, I love the simple setting, and I love her genuine reaction! Great job!!

  4. This is really great! I love the use of empty space and the laughter is so genuine! Great job!

  5. Hey, at least she hasn't lost her sense of humor with her waistline!


  6. I love this. such a great capture. and perfect for the iheartfaces theme too!

  7. This one really did make me laugh! I love it! Brings back memories of having to hold onto your belly when you laugh that hard at 32 weeks! :)


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