Thursday, January 05, 2012

I'd Really Like To Be Blogging About This, But I Can't

blowing glitter
This picture is what I would I really like to be blogging about right now.

And I know why.
I have things to do that I don't want to do,
but I can't blog until I do them.
So blogging isn't fun.
Not when you feel guilty doing it.

And how I haven't taken down the Christmas tree yet, and probably won't until Feb.
I have papers to fill out.
Forms to drop off, numbers to find.
I am getting my new passport.
Unfortunately during the renovations,
paperwork was moved, shifted, sorted,
and now I can't find my pictures or important reference numbers....

And I know as soon as I go down to get new ones taken they will miraculously show up.
And the fact that I let Eldest dye her hair.  It's called Ombre.
Google it, she did a great job.
And... I'm filling out my Subbing forms.
I need to create a new resume.
I haven't had to do that in thirteen years.
And how Youngest is having a tough go of it right now, and how we are trying to help her.
So no blogging for me.
Unless of course this counts?

This little rendezvous will be, between you and me, OK?

And if you bump into him?

Don't tell The Agonomist you read this.

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  1. This...absolutely counts as blogging.

    Caught up with you, mama...if I can help with youngest, email me.


    Happy New Year, lovely one.

  2. Totally counts! I haven't done a resume forever either and that scares me. Best of luck! Don't forget to take some time for yourself!

  3. This does count! I am starting to get my teaching papers together too.

  4. Don't worry, I'm really good at keeping secret. Well, actually, I'm dreadful. But it probably won't be put to the test!

  5. Good luck heading back into teaching on call! I love it, love the flexibility!

  6. Mum's the word.....oh boy...I'm with you on the paperwork just disappears! And I used to be so organized! Can't wait until you DO have the time for more blogging!

  7. Nice job! It totally counts! Love the pics and the hair color too!

  8. Silence - it's in the vault - lips zipped.
    Good luck!

  9. oh, dana, this week has hit me like a ton of bricks too ... it's been tough. really tough. and i feel all kinds of upside down like you ... and yeah, i too should be doing other things at this moment - like sorting thru a backlog of paperwork that is to my left and to my right ... if i just keep facing the monitor, do you think it'll sort itself?!

    and for the record, i'm all about that ombre look for your daughter's hair - that is one hip lady you've got there! not to mention her mad dye skillz ...

  10. St. Anthony, St. Anthony, take a look around, something is lost that must be found!

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

    P.S. Sorry about the Canadian Junior Loss - but I read this in reference to it on twitter and thought it was hysterical - "That's ok Canada, you still have Justin Beiber!"
    My Canadian didn't think it was so funny...

  11. Our tree will most certainly be up until February too, at this point! :) I think that first picture is fabulous, and I also really like your daughter's new hair color. Sorry that your youngest is having a hard time right now. That is hard on a mama's heart for sure. hugs!

  12. I'd have a hard time taking that beautiful tree down, too!



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