Monday, February 13, 2012

Ace Of Cakes Valentine Gingerbread Houses: Two Thumbs Up!

This past Christmas seemed busier than usual.
So I tried to scale back a bit.
We ended up not making any Gingerbread houses this year.
But in the back of my mind I hadn't totally given up on the idea.

Every January I will check out the sales after Christmas.
At Michaels I came across these Ace of Cakes' Gingerbread House kits.
They were normally $25, and I wouldn't have given them a second look.
But when I saw they were 70% of last sale price and I could pick them up for $5,
I grabbed six.

I still couldn't believe the outrageous regular price and wondered who would get sucked into buying them just because of the Ace of Cakes' endorsement.

When I opened the box, with two packages of fondant
and a larger bag or premade icing ready to be clipped;
I have to admit I was a bit impressed.
Then when I saw that two cardboard trays were included
I was even a little more impressed.

When I finally pulled out the gingerbread pieces and saw that the bottom pieces
had tabs like you find on paper dolls and the trays were cut out to accomodate them,
I started to get a little Gingerbread Giddy.

I have decided that after experiencing the joy of using a high end Gingerbread House,
I may not ever be able to go back.
Even... if... I... have... to... pay... the... regular... price.
I, myself, am even shocked I wrote that.  
But it's the truth.
The Ace of Cakes get two thumbs up from the Bungalow!

Before you gasp and cover your mouth daintily with the back of your hand...
I have a question for you.
When was the last time anyone ever broke off pieces of the gingerbread house to eat?
Or do your kids and family simply, over time, pick off all the candy?
If you answered, "Why yes, all the time!" to the first question, 
avert your eyes and do not follow the above step.

If however you are like us and only eat the candy, this will change your Gingerbread decorating life!
I had six to assemble, and even with the glue gun it took a little over an hour.
I can't even begin to imagine having tried to do it with icing.
Plus they end up being so sturdy, just the way I like them.

Aren't they cute?

We were ready and waiting with a little Gingerbread village.

The girls arrived and the Village was Pillaged!

See the Ace of Cakes' cellophane bags of icing?
They worked like a charm.
We also made some extra icing so that creative genius was not...

hindered in a.n.y. way whatsoever : )

Note my amazing repair job?
Let's just say Nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

As the writer of this blog,
I've chosen to refrain from documenting some of the more stressful moments of the day.
But I would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to Middlest 
for pulling out the vacuum and talking her mother down from that crazed Gingerbread ledge.

They spent one and a half hours working on their houses.
And they all looked fantastic!

As the last Gingerbread house walked out the door with it's owner,
I sat down on the couch with The Agronomist, and asked myself (out loud rhetorically)
if it was all worth it?
The Agronomist is a smart man, and knew not to answer.

I continued (out loud rhetorically) discussing how the girls had a great time together, 
but I wondered if they would have had just as much fun, or more,
had they simply come to hang out?
The Agronomist is a smart man, and knew not to comment.

After nineteen years, he has learned that rhetorical questions are likely never answered correctly.

This morning however,
my question was answered.
Youngest walked into the kitchen,
and started looking at all the details on her house.
She told me what she was happy with,
and showed me some of the special features.
She came back to it three times to show me how she had cut out hearts from the sugared fruit roll,
and showed me what candies or designs were her favourite,
She was truly happy with her creation.

With the Ace of Cakes' help, I already know we will be continuing with our tradition.
But I won't rush it.
I need some time to recover.

I can't help but wondering though... what a St.Patrick's Day house might look like?


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  1. I love that you did these at Valentines! Christmas has so much going on....and this way the little houses have a special time to themselves. And the huge discount helps too!

  2. What an awesome idea! How fun to get after Christmas specials and use them later! Love these! Definitely St. Patty's houses...and Easter houses, too!

  3. Oh this is so much better than Christmas houses! Be thankful you have girls!! Our boys are appalled at doing anything for Valentine's... however they are not opposed to mom making chocolate pancakes w/ strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast on Valentine's day instead of a Valentine's dinner (which I was told is just plain weird by the eldest...) hmphf boys! LOL

  4. Okay - those are fabulous...and no, we never eat our houses so glue gun here I come! xo

  5. Great idea! The Village was Pillaged...ha! And a lovely village it is. I only have boys in the house right now. The youngest (10 in a few days)hates the red and pink and the oldest may be weirded out if his mom gives him a Valentine. That leaves my daughter and granddaughter whom will feel the love today.

  6. These are wonderful. Each one is so unique and special.

  7. first of all, these are crazy amazing - i'm definitely looking for these in the clearance aisle at michael's this week, they're awesome! but my favorite part of all ... the french sweetheart candies :)

  8. How FUN Dana! What a great idea to get them when they are marked down. We ran out of time too this year and didn't do a gingerbread house. You're a great mom to have the girls' friends over. I'm sure they all had a blast!

  9. Absolutely BRILLIANT. I love your story, and your pics. I totally want to have a Valentine's Gingerbread party - wonderful. Thank you for sharing these. So much fun. Happy Valentines.

  10. I LOVE those. I think that looks even more fun than a Christmas gingerbread house. They are all so cute! I was a chicken and bought a pre-assembled gingerbread house for Boyd this last Christmas. All we had to do was add the icing/candy.

    Loved the part about your husband and the rhetorical question. :)

    happy heart day!

  11. Okay, these are adorable! I would have never thought of doing a Valentines gingerbread house, but I love it!

  12. What fun! I love the idea of a Valentine's gingerbread house, and those girls made great-looking ones, too.

    I think it looks like that kit is a winner!!


  13. What a great idea for a girls birthday party. I think I might investigate to see if I can get something similar in the UK.


  14. You brave woman you! They look fabulous:)

  15. The Agronomist is a wise, wise man. You are a patient woman. The gingerbread houses are spectacular. I love that overhead photo, shot looking down at the table. Great perspective. Did you climb on a ladder to get that one?

  16. this looks like so much fun! i have always wanted to ahve a gingerbread house party... but who has time in december?? i wonder if i have the spooky gingerbread house kit i bought last fall....


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