Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finish Dana

I just wanted to fill you in on my .... "Finish."
No (for those of you who are newcomers) I am not learning a new Scandinavian language.
I have simply declared the year 2012 to be a year
where I end the need to procrastinate.

I am currently working on finishing my  Project Baby photos... in color
And I use the word need on purpose.
I realized Procrastination had become a crutch I relied on heavily.
"It's just the way I am"
"I just can't concentrate"
"I didn't get the gene that allows you to focus"
ya da ya da ya...

I truly thought I had DADD. (Domestic Attention Deficit Disorder)
I was self diagnosed.
So I didn't have any prescription to help with treatment.

Basically I was scott free.
The perfect alibi to live like a fruit fly.

and Black and White
But having worked on trying to live with my word Finish over the last month,
I think I've realized I simply had DL2BBS.  (Don't Like 2 B Bored Syndrome)
I like to shorten it to simply... BS.

So how is it going?


Really well.

So well ....I hate it.
I am finishing the Project to show you all.
I am finishing whatever it is I've started... for the most part.
Some days are better than others.
I literally decide to do something and as soon as I start to lose focus I simply say Finish Dana... Finish.

Over and
Over and
Over again.

Usually in my head, but sometimes I need to say it out loud and use a stern voice;
until I'm done.

My need to procrastinate is so strong I literally have to strong arm my thoughts to Finish.
It's a war I wage each and every day.

But my friends,
I am happy to report.
It is a war I am winning.
Doesn't Mrs. D rock preggo pictures?
Now really, I shouldn't have actually written this post,
as I have many household responsibilities I should have finished first.
Suffice to say, some days are more successful than others.

It's been a huge step in the right direction.

I am very happy with the new

"Finish Dana."

....Even though she didn't get to visit any Scandinavian countries.

Which, when she thinks about it, is kind of a bummer.


PS Please forward this on to anyone you know who experience Scatter-brain-edness.
      The word Finish is very powerful!
      I may have to patent it!
      It has made a difference here at the Bungalow.
      Tell the world friends.  Pass it on to all those who suffer.

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  1. OH can I ever relate! It has even affected my speech.... my family seems to think they need to finish my sentences when I pause to think. I mean, really guys... don't you think I know what I'm thinking? As if I need a bunch of males to finish my sentences for me because you and I both know that the male gene does NOT think like us! So you see the difficulty, right? :)

    FINISH... is a word we are pushing hard around here these days. And START. Maybe it has something to do with the eldest graduating in May and then going off into the military sometime afterwards. Hmm...

    The pregnancy photos are truly stunning! Beautiful mama and talented photographer make a great team!!

  2. Thank you from a fellow procrastinator! "Finish, Liz, Finish" will be my new mantra!

  3. Awesome photos. I love the black and white. Just gorgeous.

  4. Not trying to throw a wet blanket on your new resolution . . . just offering an alternative perspective.

    Somebody told me that artists are not good at finishing. That for an artist, who is always learning, creating anew, perfecting, the destination isn't the point. The process is.

    I'm a finisher. Big time. Just the other day, a good friend told me, "Man, once you make a decision, you ARE IN." It comes from impatience. And the result is I'm so anxious to finish, I often don't enjoy the process and/or take time to learn new things or improve my skills.

    It's why I'm a crappy photographer and you're not. I'm so impatient, I bought a book on improving my photography but never read it. I just keep snapping away as if trial and error will make me a pro. (It won't.)

    So here's a voice of support for procrastination, at least the kind that allows creative souls to flourish.

  5. are so speaking my language. And I don't speak Finish either. So happy to have found you! We are kindred spirits.

    Your photos are gorgeous! Your model is gorgeous, and she is so lucky to have you photograph her. Stunning. Really stunning.

    I need to learn Finish too, but I kind of like Joan's comment about it being part of being an "artist." I'm going to run with that. ;)

  6. Good job. You are rockin' the finish!


  7. Wonderful and tender portrait, I love, pretty light. Greetings.

  8. Hmmm...did you write this specifically for me? Okay, yeah, I know I'm not TECHNICALLY the center of the universe, but still...

    Wonderful post.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! I wonder if I would have had you as a photographer if I would have looked that great pregnant? Probably not!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration Dana. I have the same problem!


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