Monday, February 20, 2012

She Is Our Glue

This one.
She is our glue.
Her sisters don't know it yet.
But she is.

She makes us laugh.
She drives us crazy.
And then she makes us laugh again.
Which is good
because really it's the only reason she is still alive : )

She is our hypochondriac.
She is an athlete.
She is smart.
She is fast.
She is beautiful.
IMG_6332 She often doesn't have the patience to have her picture taken.
That is why she is less known here.
But I want you to know her.
Because she is just that awesome.

Middlest is our glue.
Stuck in the middle.
Holding us all together.
IMG_6326 Like the best part of an Oreo.
Making the ordinary... extra special.

Sweet Shot Day
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  1. I'm glad she let you get these pictures. They are remarkable.


  2. Oh Dana. . .how wonderfully you described that middle child!

    And the photos?? beautiful!

  3. This is such a beautiful post.....both photos and your words!

  4. What a heartfelt tribute -- and one she will treasure for the rest of her life!

    I went through an incredibly prolific writing period when my children were small. I wrote a large volume of essays and poems about them -- words that I go back now and read and that bring me such happiness. Your ode today inspires me to do it more often. Thank you for the important reminder.

  5. I've heard many times from my sister, the middle sister, how difficult it is to be in the middle. What a beautiful tribute to your middle daughter.

  6. oooooh, i love these photos, dana - amazing!! but even more incredible are the words ... said so beautifully :)

  7. love this! Your description is very similar to how I would describe my middle

  8. So true! I would describe my middle that way as well. She is the calm one, the quiet one, the brilliant one, the judge, that jury, the athlete, the artist, the cook, the Martha and is the one that keeps our family balanced and sane!

  9. Love this! I am a middle girl, too. Your middle girl is simply gorgeous!

  10. Spectacular pictures. Wow. What a beautiful girl.

  11. gorgeous girl, great photography.

  12. Beautiful post Dana. Middlest sounds a bit like my least the driving us crazy but then making us laugh part. The laughing part makes up for everything else!

  13. Beautiful post and beautiful young woman. I love the different shots and how she is interacting with the window and her reflection. Brilliant.

  14. I just love peeking in on your dear family! What a lovely tribute to a lovely girl. Thank you for letting me "peek"...

  15. And she is truly a stunning beauty!


  16. lucky to be loved by such a mother

  17. Middles are always awesome. Actually they're the best...but don't tell my younger and older sister I said so. ha!

  18. She is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the reflections!! You are very talented!!

  19. Get her in front of the camera as often as possible! We rarely have photos of this self-conscious time in our lives, but she will treasure them one day.

  20. Beautiful! Photos and words!

  21. What a beautiful way to describe a middle (or any) child. Everything about this post is beautiful.

  22. Our middlest is the same. Love this.

  23. i love this sweet tribute to your middlest :) glue. gotta have it.

  24. Oh yes, your middlest is a gorgeous beauty...what a sweet post! Wonderful photos, especially the first one...(All your girls are gorgeous :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  25. Beautiful post and I love what you had to say about your middlest! :D

  26. I LOVE every thing about this post. It's so fun to stop and savor those things that make each individual exactly what we need. (And yes, she's gorgeous!)

  27. oh I love how sweet and honest this post is !! also enjoying your "finish" post and pics and Valentine's houses and pics!! hugs, cathy


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