Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Never Say Never: Granny Glasses Are Da Bomb

*please ignore weird hand positioning
If you have read this blog for awhile, you may remember
that while wearing glasses I chose to work the Sexy chain angle,
The post, which won rave reviews in many librarian circles across the country,
can be found here:
Need Bifocals? Here's A Sexy Alternative. ( It's one of my favourites)

Unfortunately over time, my need to take off my glasses
became more and more frequent.
I wasn't sure quite what to do?
*please ignore my attempt to fix weird hand positioning
While wearing Granny glasses may have been OK for some.
I felt I needed to postpone the inevitable for awhile.

However, having your glasses hanging from a chain in front of you
can, in fact, make you appear even more like a Granny than I realized.
Particularly when food is dropped and then caught by your oh so handy lenses below.
Not so much.
*please ignore my repositioning which appears to have cleaved a finger
It was becoming a daily struggle.
I started to stop people of a certain age, friends mainly, on the street.
Please don't get the wrong idea.
My friends do not generally hang out on the street.
I've simply chosen a turn of phrase that may have given you the wrong idea.
*hand good... camera about to fall
My friends, when grilled about their progressive lifestyle,
once again, probably not the best choice of phrase
seemed to have a wide response to my enquiry.
Some hated them.
Some loved them.

During my interrogation I came up with a theory.
Bigger frames = happy.
Smaller frames = unhappy.
So it was with this in mind I went out to find the Granny Glasses of my dreams.
*hand (thankfully) is no longer in shot.... please see alternate title below
See? No chain!
Biggish frames!
And oh yeah baby;
I am happy.

I was wrong.
Big Time.
Progressive lenses have changed my life.

I can see far and I can see near.
No more crumbs to try and squint through either.
As far as I can see...
It's a win win combination!


*Why She Will Never Be A Hand Model.

Jenny Matlock

NapTime MomTog

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  1. These are stylin for sure and the color is great on you.

    I wear big, ugly frames (nothing like yours) while working on my computer and switch them out for smaller frames (with bifocals) for regular wear.

  2. Those are cute frames! I have to go glasses shopping soon and get overwhelmed with all of the choices!

  3. you look fabulous, odd hand and all. good luck with the progressives. my brain was too dumb to make it work, so I have 2 pairs of glasses. no chain yet, but i'ma close.

  4. Well you are hot. But I'm still not going down this road. Yet. My kids will still read all the fine print for me. Not quite sure what I'll do when they get busy social lives.

  5. I have had mine for about 2 weeks now and I feel free! The constant off and on and then trying to remember where I left them on the off times! Sheez!
    Love yours btw. You wear them well.

  6. They look great, very well suited to you.

  7. You wear them well! I recently got progressives (beat taking my glasses off to read stuff, or having to wear reading glasses to read when I was wearing my contacts). It took awhile to get used to them, but I agree, so much better than a chain! ;) Loved all the shots! :)

    Stinky Cats

  8. I have glasses very similar to yours! You look great in yours!

  9. Girl, you look marvelous in your new glasses.

    Yep, I'd for sure!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself and amazin' day sweetie!!! :o)

  10. I am amazed at anyone who can take a good self-portrait!

  11. You rock those glasses. I love them, and I love you in these pictures!

  12. I love my progressives, and you look great!


  13. Oh yes, you look great in your glasses! (and haha loved your subtitles regarding your hand positioning skills!)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you also for stopping by! I am still trying to catch up with my visits :o)

  14. Love those! And this post made me lol. :)

  15. Might I say, 'been there, done that'? It's a big step, but once you're comfortable with the progressives, life takes on new meaning...and a new view!
    Your choice of frames are very becoming - mine, too narrow so time to update. (but they were the fashion a couple of years ago)
    Great post!

  16. You look fantastic! Now, if you could just convince Hubs that he too can look as cool as you. He doesn't do the chain, but he will put them on the top of his head. Silly guy.

  17. Timely...I'm going to the eye doctor tomorrow and get new frames. xo Jenny

  18. You look great in those glasses...and you probably see great too! I have progressives on my glasses, but mostly I wear contacts which are truly da bomb...if you must wear anything...for your eyes, that is! :)

  19. I have come to exactly the same conclusion but I am probably a decade older than you, so I guess I'm kind of a slow learner. I now have a larger frame and they are bright red (you can get away with that when you are an old lady). It's so nice to be able to see again...

  20. personally, i find those specs of yours quite lovely. and you could totally quit your day job and pursue full-time hand've none of the shortish knobbiness my hands have going on.

  21. Love your frames...hey girl, glasses are better than not being able to see...
    You look very pretty in your 'granny' glasses, and you certainly do not look like a 'granny!' ))smiles))

  22. You are seriously rockin those frames!!
    Great pictures of you too...hand positions and all!!
    have a happy day dana

  23. K, I got momentarily side-tracked by your Middlest. This post? Ha ha ha ha!!!! I would probably not have noticed the weird hand positions. I am immune to these things! But now that you mention it.... :)

    Cute specs, too! I'm a little disappointed that you didn't go with Jr. High boys' glasses, circa 1986.

  24. Well, those glasses really suits you. And somehow, your glasses reminds me of my cousin who happens to have a similar glasses to what you're wearing.

  25. Never noticed the hand until you brought it up! Great pics of the specs.


  26. You are stylin' in those new frames...they look great on you! Since turning 40 (a couple of years ago!) I can tell I need glasses...but I keep putting it off because I've never worn glasses before! One of these days I'll make an eye appointment!

  27. Nice style - they look great! And I know what you mean about progressive lenses - I love them.

  28. Those frames are great! I'm envious. The same frames on me wouldn't be the same because my eyes are so bad and I have thick, ugly lenses. I even paid extra for some that are supposed to be thinner, but it hardly made a difference. I wore contacts, but as I got older my eyes became drier, so now I'm stuck with ugly glasses. I shouldn't complain because at least I can see. Some people aren't as fortunate.

  29. Girl - you are looking fab, and you've gotta love the cool specs and the hand with contortionist abilities :-)

  30. You may never be a hand model, but you sure can be a model for glasses. Those look fabulous on you!

  31. I Needed a good laugh today... Thanks for giving me one!

    Those glasses look absolutely gorgeous on you...

    You should Never say you will Never be a hand model because you Never know, anything is possible...

    Nifty post for the letter "N"...

    Thanks for linking.



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