Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Off To Rehab...

I've been fooling myself.
To be clear, I was a willing participant.

It's time for rehab folks.
No joke.
I fell off the wagon.

I thought I could be an occasional drinker per se.
But it just doesn't work that way.
One cookie every once in awhile, turned into two on occasion and ended
with six dozen polished off on the sly standing in front of the freezer.

It started with, "I will allow myself to eat dessert when I'm at someone else's house;"
rationalizing that as long as I didn't allow the sugar into my own home I would be safe.

All of a sudden I seemed to be inviting myself over to friend's houses
on a regular basis...
offering, of course, to bring a wonderful dessert.

It would confuse them when I asked if 8:30am was too early to stop by with my delectables.
When hearing their pause I would clarify that I would have come earlier
but I had to drop the girls off at school first.

It's a disease people....

One that I have decided I will not keep hidden from you.

Originally I began my sugar free odyssey just over a year ago.
I blogged about my progress here and here.  And here too.

Just yesterday I was searching for some photos I needed to download,
and came across some old fatty photos that helped me see where I could be headed.

Why the slow creep of the scale was not sending a loud enough message I'm not sure.
Did I mention denial is a big part of addiction?

So here we go...
I am off to rehab.

Unfortunately since I am not Oprah I end up right back in my own kitchen.
Cooking meals for my family and myself.

But I'm a year older and wiser,
and Hawaii and bathing suits are looming off in the not too near future.
So I'm ready to get back in the sugar free saddle.

Part of my journey this time is being a bit more educated on the subject.
Did you know those little boxes of raisins you send with your kidlets in lunches is... are you ready?
Filled with the equivalent of twelve teaspoons of sugar!
And that glass of orange juice or apple juice you guzzle down
may as well be a glass of soda pop.
And a healthy bowl of Muesli... seven sugar cubes.
And lets just not go down the Ketchup path.

It is hidden everywhere.

I want to be clear.
I do not want it hiding on me.
Because unfortunately I do not do a very good job of keeping it hidden.
No matter how funky a poncho may be?
Somehow it's pretty clear what's going down.

So here's to being honest with myself and you.
I figure it's the only way to be accountable.

Have a great day.
I'm off to gnaw on some bark : )

Pray for me.
Or at the very least,
send celery.

From the depths of my crisper I thank you.


PS This post was generously sponsored by the Coalition of Women Bloggers Against Spanx.

Jenny Matlock
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  1. That first picture could have been mine. I just polished off mini M&M's in a zip-loc bag exactly like that. I was saving them for cookies or bars, you know. Yeah. Stay strong.

  2. Dana,

    Good luck with your sugar free odyssey. If you want to bring the cookies and cake over to my house I will eat them for you :-)

  3. Oh my it must have been in the stars as I ate two cookies today after almost 3 months of no sugar. . I hate it but then I will start all over again tomorrow, Good luck.

  4. Good luck! My addiction is crunchy and salty...

  5. I'm right there with you, along with the relapse, but back on the wagon is a good place to be. =)

  6. Oh Miss Dana, my prayers are with ya. I fear there are many of us in that same boat with ya.

    God bless and have a wonderful day.

    Best of luck to ya's all about the health! :o)

  7. Oh lets just get the spanx...they were worn all over the place at the oscars. You know?

  8. Some celery is in the mail! :))

  9. You know that I'm with you, right?

    My question is this: Why is it so easy sometimes to have will power, and other times it is impossible? I wish we could come up with some great solution, some great way to keep each other accountable. I'd have your back and you'd have mine, and neither of us would open that bag of M&Ms. Let's think about it.

    I'm serious, you know that, right?

  10. It is so hard to stay away from sweet with all the Easter things already out at the store.

  11. I hate to even think about all the stress eating I've done in the last year. Just keep focused on Hawaiian beaches.

  12. great luck will do it!
    p.s am coming to you via Barb @ hodge trying to add you to my roll but my crazy computer won't let me
    I shall keep trying!

  13. Hard to keep focused, I too am weak and just cannot keep sweets in the house. At least a trip to Hawaii should help keep your mind on the goal. Wishing you much luck!

  14. yup, that would be me too. My body hates carbs and pretty much everything about them...but my taste buds think differently.

  15. I'm not focused on sugar, because it's only ONE thing in your diet. Salt is another worthy enemy!
    As long as I have enough fruits and veggies, and keep the carbs separated from the proteins, I'm good:)

  16. I too am trying my very best to stay off sugar in my weight lost bid ( which is not working that well).. Will try my best not to buy sweets this Easter,

  17. Sigh I've been on a real good sugar roll since at least Christmas. I can. not. stop. Cheering you on!

  18. I've been trying to eat less and avoid the sugar, too, ever since I stepped on a scale in a hotel fitness room. (I don't have a scale at home.) Yesterday I broke my "no snacking in the evening" rule and had a handful of peanuts. As for the sweets, I'm not baking. That's the easiest way for me to avoid sugar. But then there are those last bags of chocolate chips in the cupboard...

    Many of us battle the sweet addiction. Sounds like you're focused and ready to march onward.

  19. The day after Ash Wednesday, when I couldn't even make it out of the Walmart parking lot with out inhaling my first of three donuts. I realized you can't trade one vice for another. . .ie, coffee for sugar. Oh, the craving. . .someone should come up with a cravings pill for sugar! That might be the easy way out, but I'm all about easy!

  20. What a great post! I think you're right - sugar is very addictive!. And like Gabe says in comment above, you can't trade one vice for another. We have a group called First Place 4 Health where we hold each other accountable. I didn't feel like going last night, but knew that I needed the accountability!

  21. You're right. It's seductive, addictive, and a major sneak!

    Good for you, giving it up. I am needing to do the same, I'm afraid.


  22. Hi Dana!

    Good luck - you'll do it!

    PS Just think of Hawaii should temptation sneak up!

  23. Dana, thanks for stopping by. To answer your question, yes, all my shots. :)

  24. Oh, sugar it's a terrible wonderful thing! You can do it Dana! You've done it before....keep thinking about Hawaii!

  25. Love this post. I,too, am an addict. I have been 'clean' since October and have lost 61 pounds, but sugar and flour call to me all day long. :-)

  26. Oh Dana, it is such a tricky addiction isn't it?? I love Jen's comment about the spanx!! I have a bit of an addiction to salty things but enjoy the occasional sweets, too. Last year when I was working out a lot, I tracked my calories and found some foods that are healthy and reasonably low in calories. My new loves include greek yogurt (athenos strawberry is my fave), green leaf lettuce (stays very fresh in the fridge and has very few calories, but fills you up), very low sodium tuna, egg beaters and air popped popcorn. i am sure that Hawaii is quite an incentive for you!! keep us posted on your progress! hugs, cathy

  27. I have been on and off the sugar for two decades. I read all the books (Sugar Busters, Sugar Blues), went whole grain, when whole foods, went Macrobiotic, went Vegetarian, just never seem to settle anywhere permanently.

    Two years ago I pumped up my exercise and really watched the quality of my food and lost 30 pounds. Now half of it has crept back. Ugh! Sugar is not really my nemesis though. I'll eat a small slice of whatever I bake, but I'm not dangerous around it. I have a candy bowl at work that I don't even touch. It's mostly about the quality of my food and the quantity (too low) of fresh fruits and veggies.

    I feel your pain.

  28. great post -- right down to the celery :)

  29. You are my 3rd friend who just said they have an upcoming Hawaii trip! FUN! I want to go back so bad. It's my heaven on earth.

    I know what you mean about the sugar. I was off of it last year for 5 months, only one cupcake a week. I was able to do that. But then I said the same thing, if I'm at a friend's house, or at a party, etc, etc. Then I fell off the wagon. It's hard, but you can do it. Remember how good you felt when you did it before! And yes, raisins are SO HORRIBLE! agh. Why do they do that to us?!

  30. Sugar is definitely an addiction. Sometimes amino acid supplements help...but, you're absolutely right! It is everywhere...and so hidden we think we're being virtuous when we really aren't!

    Thanks for a thoughtful post, Dana.

    I hope you get back on the is hard to make the right choices but you certainly have a million reasons to be as healthy as possible!

    Thanks for linking.



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