Friday, March 02, 2012

A Basement Reno Update

I know I've been terrible about keeping you updated on the basement.
But truth be told, we are making progress slower than molasses.

It might have something to do with our new TV.
But I'd rather not say...

I knew it would happen.
Once you've moved in, it's easy to postpone things.

I can't believe I'm even showing you that picture...
But now you don't have to wonder why I haven't been doing any basement posts.

Last week The Agronomist crossed mortaring the brick wall 
off the basement "to do" list.
And yes, I am still planning on painting it. 
Look past the the brick and look at the colour.
It's pinky grey, like a bad 80's shag rug.
I'm afraid it has to go.

I know I know it looks grey here, but it's pink, trust me.
And yes, we installed my $30 retro railing.
Did I mention it is one of my favourite parts of the basement?

The railing matches perfectly with the drawer to the left.
That set of drawers is my second favourite item in the basement.
It was part of my Oma and Opa's bedroom set.

My mom went to help my Opa go and buy the set for an anniversary gift.
Sentimental and cool retro all wrapped up into one great piece.

The Agronomist also installed a second window 
to fill the space beside the stained glass;
creating a wood frame to match the old window.
This photo was taken at night so I'm not able to 
show you how the light comes streaming in through the day.

This post is just a teaser I know.  
We are planning to finish up many projects this weekend.
Next week I will have some full room shots for you.

Definitely not finished but getting there...
Slow and Steady wins the race...
as long as you stop watching American Idol long enough to cross the finish line.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing the final product!


  2. Oh it will be lovely when its done! says the girl who is currently looking at baskets of laundry waiting to be folded... sigh! So off I go....

  3. Oooooh a teaser. Love it! I can see why the tv would be a distraction! Its gonna look awesome!

  4. I am IN LOVE. With the floor. With the dresser. With the stained glass AND its sister window. With the slipcovered furniture. ALL OF IT. I deeply desire more photos.

    PS: There is a definite correlation between popcorn and procrastination. Trust me. I work at a research university. I know these things. I think there's a formula that states "As the popcorn coefficient rises, the productivity ratio declines proportionally." Or something like that.

  5. We are so back on the "life is on hold to watch 100 hours of AI every week" train too. Who's your fave?

  6. Ditto on American Idol. Meanwhile, how does one get paint to stick to brick and mortar? Is this a fairly easy thing? Inquiring home improvement minds, and all that.

  7. I love the windows! I bet the light in the basement is amazing.

  8. I love your basement. I know it sounds silly, but we don't have them here in Texas, so they always intrigue me. I wish we had one! I love those steps, and the brick wall and the beautiful stained glass window. So pretty!

  9. It's looking wonderful Dana. Love the leadlight window especially!


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