Tuesday, June 05, 2012

WW: You'd Swear It Was The Olympics!

Youngest is in grade 4 and participated in her first ever track meet.
She had been talking about it for weeks.
She was on team orange.
The T-shirt was a special purchase for the competition.
I swear the special sport fabric made her jump higher and run faster.
Because as a parent, I do know one thing for sure... It's all about the equipment.

Do you remember your elementary track meets?
All the sprinting and jumping and hot dogs and sun?
All the sweating and sunburns and sand?

I don't either.
That's why I blog.
In hopes that my children will actually have memories.

They had been practicing for a few weeks in Phys ed to prepare for the big day.
The meet was supposed to be at the city track
but due to poor weather it was cancelled.
Instead it was held at the school a week later.

Youngest was really disappointed about this, 
but in the end it was such a nice day I think it turned out perfectly.

High jump was her best event.
She was really hoping to win a ribbon.
I didn't think to get a picture of the line up,
but there looked to be at least thirty girls participating.
Youngest was only one of three who were jumping from the left.

She is like her father.
A right hander who swings and kicks and now jumps as a lefty.

She managed to hang in until she started tucking her chin.
We won't mention who told her this would be a good idea...
But his name starts with an "A" and ends with an "ist."

This was one of her first jumps.
She ended up with a fourth place ribbon.

Which is just fine
when you're competing against friends.

And you have a dad who managed to be there to watch the whole day!

The last event of the afternoon was the relay race.

"Go Youngest Go!"

Youngest was the second leg,
and was in tough.
She ended up almost last after the first sprinter handed her the baton.

"That's it! You Can Do IT!"

But she worked hard.

"Faster Faster! You're right on her tail!"

I swear it was more exciting than the Olympics!

"Who's Your Daddy?!  Go GO GOOO!"

And I love me my Olympics.

"That's it!  That's IT!"

My heart was pumping as I watched her bit by bit pass her first opponent.


And then her second.

"Thaaaat's My GIIIIIRRRLLL!"

I never realized how exciting Elementary track meets could be?
Thank goodness she has two more to go in her sporting career.
Until next year I guess I'll just have to make do with watching the Olympics.

I hope I'm not too disappointed.


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  1. This looks like a fun event! You took wonderful pictures!

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous!
    I love the one where she is in mid air over the bar.
    I can't wait to see my son in action on the field...hopefully...he's only 3.
    I go to my nieces and I get more excited seeing them than the Olympics too.

  3. You really captured the day with your photos.
    And it looks like pure fun!


  4. I was just captivated reading this post. You are doing such a great thing for her by documenting this experience for her. It to me back to my first track meet in 6th grade. I won the 400 and was hooked on the sport. I competed in Track and Cross Country through college until severe shin splints sidelined me. I miss it so much, but I do watch races on tv and cannot wait for the Olympics to start!

  5. I know about these elementary track meets. Intense! And awesome! I do remember my elementary track meet--and how I never won anything but our team won the relay.

    Ah, tender memories . . .

  6. I absolutely love that pic of youngest and her friend. So cute and sweet and, well, you know...

  7. Oh Dana - these pictures are incredible..even the one of that somewhat familiar looking dude with his head cut-off...xo

  8. The high jump great they would look as a framed series.

    Really, dana: I love the photos here.

    And kids can make watching a turtle race exciting..when it's their turtle competing. xo

  9. I enjoyed my kid's track meets way more than I ever enjoyed participating in mine. Track was definitely not my forte.

    Wonderful pictures that will definitely be wonderful memories for her.

  10. Now you are ready for the summer Olympics....track events are awesome....and youngest looks like she has found her event!
    Great pics and yes...your kids will surely remember these days.

  11. I love these pictures, especially the high jump ones! I sort of remember our field days as a kid, but they were nothing like this one. Ours were so small and silly. I just remember being hot and hating the potato sack races, because I always fell and was always last. :)

    Great post and great memories for your kids!

  12. Looks like such a fun day - and I LOVE your jumping photos!


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